Three Good Habits For Guitar Students

Three Good Habits For Guitar StudentsAre you wondering what the best tools and practices are for learning guitar? Maybe you’re interested in Guitar lessons in Atlanta and want to be fully prepared for success. This article will detail several habits that, once instilled, can help you or your child become the best guitar player in town.
There are many habits that can improve your guitar playing, but three in particular stand out amongst the rest. Those three habits are learning something new every day, jamming more often, and recording yourself.

Learn Something New Every Day

Want to see significant improvement in your guitar skills relatively quickly? Form the habit of learning something new every day. This could be a new riff, scale, melody, or even a new playing technique that your Atlanta guitar teacher taught you. By disciplining yourself and taking the time to submerge yourself in new material, you are improving your musicialty, your muscle memory, and your ability to express yourself more comfortably.
When it comes to forming beneficial guitar related habits, this is a great place to start. Try carving out a specific portion of your day that revolves solely around digesting new guitar related material. The more of a habit it becomes, the more likely you are to see results from your efforts. Many guitarists spend 30 minutes or more a day researching new strum patterns, alternate tunings, and any other information that will further their progress on the guitar. If you don’t invest in learning new things, you risk becoming bored with the guitar. Complacency leads to lack of interest, and lack of interest leads to giving up entirely.

“Jam” More Often

The greatest musicians out there are all too familiar with jamming. The term “jamming” refers to playing music for fun. This can be alone or with other musicians; it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is you’re playing along with or to some sort of accompaniment and keeping loose. Doing this in a room full of other musicians serving as a backing band is the most ideal situation, but there are many other ways to effectively jam.
Thanks to the vast labyrinth that is the internet, there are numerous virtual backing bands and play along tracks that are at your immediate disposal. Playing along with backing tracks or other musicians will improve your guitar playing by developing your consistency and your endurance. Another great way to get in some “jam” time is by playing along with your favorite songs. You can play along note for note, which strengthens your musical proficiency, or you can use the music as a backdrop for you to hone your improvisational skills. Most guitar players love to jam because it’s fun! Incorporating fun into your journey with the guitar ensures that you will remain dedicated to learning.

Record Yourself

A habit that keeps guitar players objective and gives them the opportunity to improve their weak spots is recording yourself. You don’t have to have a computer to do this – all you need is a voice memo recorder on your phone! If there isn’t an app like this pre-installed on your phone, you can download one from the app store.
Recording yourself has more than one benefit for your guitar playing. The first benefit of this habit is being able to listen back to your playing so you can analyze and improve. Doing this will keep you motivated to become a better player. Another benefit is the fact that recording yourself allows you to keep track of your progress. It’s like maintaining a record of your growth as a guitar player! You’ll be able to look back on your journey and be proud of the progress that you have made.


Developing habits that promote becoming a stellar guitar player can only benefit you in the long run. Students often find that it takes more than just taking lessons to really become invested in learning the guitar. Teachers at Lessons In Your Home provide students with exercises and techniques that they can implement in their spare time to speed up their learning. These techniques are derived from the habits that our teachers developed years ago and are proven effective. Just ask some of our guitar students! The habits they’ve picked up from their teachers have become instilled in their practice routine, thus greatly benefiting their guitar skills.
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Three Good Habits For Guitar Students

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