Why All Singers Should Learn How to Play Piano

Why All Singers Should Learn How to Play PianoIf you’ve ever thought, “I wonder where I could take piano lessons near me,” you’re not alone. Thousands of other students have wondered the same thing, and they’ve found their perfect match from Lessons In Your Home. But, those searching for “piano lessons near me” aren’t just limited to people longing to become a great pianist. Piano lessons are a great way to develop a strong musical foundation, especially if you’re a singer. That’s right, in addition to voice lessons, piano lessons are hugely helpful in developing your technique and your unique voice as a singer. In fact, piano lessons are so helpful to singers that we think every singer should also be taking piano lessons.

You might be a seasoned vocalist, but the piano is one of the best instruments to learn if you want to have a strong music theory foundation. Most musicians are encouraged to learn the piano first for this very reason. It’s one of the easiest ways to understand the basic framework of how music works! And, if you’re a little bit intimated to learn another instrument, don’t be. The piano is a beginner-friendly instrument. It’s a percussive instrument, which means you hit a key, and the correct note automatically comes out! So, if those aren’t reasons enough, here are our top 4 reasons why piano lessons are worth your time and investment as a vocalist. We have a feeling you’ll be signing up in no time.

Piano Lessons Develop Music-Reading Skills

Music comprehension is a vital tool in any musician’s tool belt. It’s not unusual for singers to learn songs by ear. However, taking lessons with a piano teacher develop a different set of skills for musicians, and those skills are learning to read music and learn music by sight-reading. Playing the piano also allows you to connect the dots a little quicker than only ever singing. Because vocalists’ instrument is their own voice, reading a note, then hearing it played correctly on the piano can be helpful for both reading and listening skills.

Piano Lessons Develop Aural Skills

While we know that vocalists are great listeners, as they often hear a song only a few times before they can sing it, we know that piano lessons lead to higher music-reading abilities, too. But, piano lessons also help hone in on a singer’s aural skills. Because singers are constantly hearing different pitches of notes, playing the piano can help develop pitch accuracy for singers. Singers who become proficient at the piano develop far superior pitch accuracy. This is one way that learning another instrument can put you ahead of your peers.

Piano Lessons facilitate Writing and Composing

One big reason for singers to google “piano lessons near me” is to learn an instrument other than their voice. This is a big advantage for those singers looking to branch out into songwriting or composing. Having an instrument to play makes writing and composing much richer and easier. Learning the piano also improves singers’ abilities to find harmonies and melodies. If you are a singer that sometimes struggles to find harmony, being able to find the harmony on a piano first can help you. Not only will this help you improve your melodic and harmonic capabilities, but these improved capabilities will make it easier for you to compose music on the piano.

Piano Lessons Make it Easier to Find an Accompanist

As a singer, you’re always in need of an accompanist- when practicing and when performing. The piano skills you learn in your lessons will allow you to have a foundation for the vocal exercises you do, too. If you’re working on perfecting your pitch chromatically, you can play basic piano chords to take the guesswork out of hitting correct notes. Knowing how to play the piano also opens you up to learning any song you’d like to practice anytime you want, without having to think about calling or hiring an accompanist. It can be difficult, stressful, and expensive to hire an accompanist every time you need one to practice vocal exercises, rehearse, and perform. Knowing how to play the piano minimizes all of this stress by giving you the power and ability to be your own accompanist.
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Why All Singers Should Learn How to Play Piano

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