How Private Music Teachers Help Your Child Thrive

How Private Music Teachers Help Your Child ThriveExploring a new instrument as a child is an exciting time. Learning an instrument introduces children to being a part of a band or orchestra and exposes them to so many new musical techniques and social situations. You may think that your child needs or is interested in private music teachers to encourage them to succeed at their instrument, but private music teachers aren’t just for young prodigies or over-achieving students (or parents). The positive impact of hiring a private music teacher to help your child advance in their chosen instrument go far beyond just helping them reach that first-chair status.

While being a part of a school or local band or orchestra should be an overwhelmingly positive and valuable activity for your child, if your child is highly gifted and motivated to master their instrument, they’ll need additional instruction. Band and orchestra teachers are excellent motivators and musicians, and they sure know how to wrangle a crowd of kids. But, band and orchestra teachers are not specialists in every instrument. Most music instructors are very comfortable with their primary instrument, are great at conducting, and are excellent at understanding how to get the end result out of their band or orchestra. But there are so many instruments in bands and orchestras that private music teachers can offer specialized instruction and encouragement for your child.

Private Music Teachers Tailor Instruction to Your Child

When you choose the right instructor with Lessons In Your Home, you’re gaining a depth of knowledge that is now available to your child. Unlike bands or orchestras, which operate at a certain skill level, private music teachers tailor their instruction to your child’s skill level. Your child can experience increased challenges that meet their specific needs.
With private music teachers, your child will gain:

  • Greater accountability. Private music lessons force your child to be accountable. Didn’t practice? Can’t hide behind the other students.
  • Instruction tailored to their learning style. Private teachers can offer individual attention in the way that your child learns best.
  • An increased sense of identity. Private lessons foster a positive sense of identity where your child gets positive feedback and attention from someone they can look up to.
  • The freedom to learn at their pace. For naturally gifted musicians, band or orchestra practices can often make children feel like they’re holding back. Private lessons are opportunities to learn at their own pace- however slow or quick that is.
  • Opportunity to work on their individual interests. Classroom settings don’t highlight individual skills or issues that students need or want to work on. Private lessons give students the ability to hone in on barriers to progress or work on particular skills they want to learn.

Benefits Beyond Music

Private music teachers definitely allow your child to thrive at their chosen instrument. But, what are the benefits beyond increased musical ability? It turns out that private music teachers provide incredible benefits to their students. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Improved academic skills. Music and math skills are highly intertwined, and music lessons from a young age can develop and improve academic skills in the disciplines of science and math.
  • Motor skill development. Certain instruments, like percussion, help develop fine motor skills, while instruments like the piano, guitar, or violin force children to perform different actions with each hand. This enhanced coordination can prepare children for other hobbies or sports.
  • Teaches discipline and patience. Learning instruments is all about delayed gratification. Some instruments have steeper learning curves than others, but learning an instrument teaches children to persevere through many days, months, and even years of practice before reaching their goals.
  • Boosted self-esteem. Private music lessons can be a great safe space where children learn to receive constructive criticism from someone they trust. Learning to take criticism and use it as a tool for improvement, rather than absorbing it as negative, will help them grow into healthy adults.
  • Introduces children to other cultures. Music is a gateway into so many other instruments, music styles, and cultures. Each instrument opens up a gateway into a rich geographical and cultural history, giving your child an important opportunity to familiarize themselves with other cultures. This can help give them an open mind when encountering people and cultures different from their own.

If your child is interested in taking up music lessons, contact us now! Our teachers come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child!

How Private Music Teachers Help Your Child Thrive

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