5 Places Your Child Can Perform as a Beginning Singer

5 Places Your Child Can Perform as a Beginning SingerOne of the best ways to improve your singing technique when taking voice lessons in Seattle is to find places where your child can experience performing in front of people. This can be a big step for any singer, and even more so if your child loves to sing but is shy when it comes to performing. The best way to get comfortable performing is to just do it as much as you can. This can be a good way to utilize the voice lessons in Seattle that your child is taking. Practicing songs for upcoming performances! In addition to offering a variety of music lessons and flexibility in teaching styles and schedules, Lessons in Your Home knows a little bit about how to earn your chops when it comes to becoming a seasoned performer.

1. Open Mic Nights or Talent Shows

Open-mic nights or talent shows in your community can be a great way to progress from voice lessons in Seattle to being a performing singer. These can be great low-barrier to entry performances for beginner singers of any age. There are typically no requirements to sign up, and not much preparation is needed for open-mic nights or talent shows. Often, each performer only performs one or two songs, giving you the ability to focus on really perfecting one song. These opportunities are great ways to test out different techniques and to show off what you’ve been learning.

2. School Choirs or Groups

If your child is a beginner singer and taking lessons with a Seattle voice teacher, they should absolutely sign up for a school choir or performance group if these are offered at your child’s school. Whether it’s a class that they take during school hours or a group that meets after classes, school choirs typically have a few concerts throughout the school year. This can give your child many opportunities to learn with their peers and to perform in front of lots of other students and parents. In school choirs, there are also usually opportunities for soloists, which means your child has the option to audition for more parts and to gain the experience of performing solo, in addition to performing as a group.

3. Church Choirs

A great way for a beginner singer to gain quick and repeated performing experience is to join a local church choir. There are typically no requirements to join a choir, meaning you don’t have to audition. You might have to ‘try out’ so that the choir director knows how to place you within the choir and what parts to give you. Church choir members do typically need to have the ability to sight-read music. If you choose to sing in a church choir, you’ll get to sing new and challenging pieces every week, giving you the opportunity to try out many different techniques. Church choirs typically meet once or twice during the week and sing on Sundays. Some churches may require you to be a member, but some do not, so you do not necessarily have to be religious to be a part of a church choir.

4. Restaurants or Coffee Shops

If you have some favorite independent and local coffee shops or casual restaurants, they’re likely looking for weekend entertainment for their guests. As you gain more confidence singing in front of people, you can ask around about booking a gig at a local restaurant or coffee shop. Sometimes these are unpaid, but if you work up enough of a following, you can probably negotiate a rate or a percentage of sales or tips! If you have several songs you’ve been practicing, this is a great way to showcase those and find a style of music that fits your voice and range.

5. Local Farmers Markets and Festivals

Most cities and towns have local farmers’ markets or festivals either weekly or seasonally. For weekly farmers markets, you can talk to the organizers about setting up a tent and microphone somewhere within the vicinity for 30 minutes to an hour to provide some entertainment for shoppers. Usually, these types of markets and festivals are looking for many ways to draw customers in. And, if you’re a little shy or worried about people staring at you while you perform, these are easy-going ways for you to gain experience. Most shoppers will passively listen to you as they walk around shopping, allowing you to be a pleasant background concert for them.
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5 Places Your Child Can Perform as a Beginning Singer

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