What Are the Developmental Benefits of Piano Lessons for Kids?

What Are the Developmental Benefits of Piano Lessons for KidsLearning to play the piano gives your child a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Even if they don’t play piano in any professional setting, they can always enjoy playing for themselves, plus they will understand music theory.
But did you know signing your child up for lessons from a piano teacher can do much more for them? Learning to play the piano actually has a number of developmental benefits, too. Let’s take a look at these benefits and how they can help your child.

It Keeps the Senses and Memory Sharp

Playing piano has shown to actually affect the inner ear in a positive way. Piano players typically retain more of their hearing as they age.
Piano players also often have a much better memory than their peers, according to studies. This is likely because pianists memorize many different songs, so their memory “muscles” are better developed.

Piano Encourages Kids to be Creative

Playing the piano during private piano lessons may seem like all it involves is playing the notes as written on the sheet music, but it’s much more creative than that. Pianists can modify the pieces, playing them faster, slower, harder, softer, and even improvising here and there.
They can also write their own music. Studies have shown that while playing music, the parts of the brain involved in creativity are very active, even when they’re playing music as it’s written.

Practicing an Instrument Instills Better Work Ethic

Learning and playing piano requires hours of practice a week, and those who really dedicate themselves to mastering the instrument are going to need the discipline to do this. Piano students learn how to concentrate and focus on their lessons, giving them a work ethic that they can carry over into their studies and, later, their careers.

Piano Playing Teaches Time Management

Learning piano also helps students learn time management. They have to understand how to schedule their practice sessions so they get the most benefit from them without feeling stressed over doing other things such as homework or their other activities.
Managing time becomes especially important when they reach the age where they will begin participating in recitals or when they decide they want to audition for something.

Piano Improves Other Academic Skills

A number of studies have connected musical ability with math. Learning to play an instrument has been correlated with improved math skills.
Other studies have shown that language development can actually be impacted by learning to play piano as well. Brain scans indicate that the brain reacts the same way when playing piano as it does when holding conversations.

Playing Strengthens Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor control is important for a number of tasks and playing piano can improve both. The more someone plays piano, the faster they can move their fingers across the keys without making any mistakes. Their motor skills become more refined regardless of what activities they’re doing, allowing them to perform better with other hobbies and tasks.

Playing Piano Is Relaxing

Playing the piano can help relax kids, especially those who truly love music. It helps reduce their stress levels and can improve depression, making them happier and more relaxed. This can be especially helpful for kids who have anxiety or who are fighting with mood disorders.

It Improves Self-Esteem

Finally, learning to play piano can boost your child’s self-esteem. While it’s true in the beginning this may not be the case, once they get used to playing and become good at it, they will feel more capable and empowered. They will see that they can master an instrument, even if it takes months or years, and that their hard work has paid off.

There’s No Better Time to Start Learning

If your child is interested in playing the piano, don’t wait to start lessons with an Atlanta piano teacher (or other local area teachers). Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to discuss your options.

What Are the Developmental Benefits of Piano Lessons for Kids

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  1. It’s fascinating that you elaborate on how taking piano lessons can help children deal with stress. My son experiences a lot of stress, so I’m thinking about enrolling him in piano lessons next month. I’m going to search for a reputable business that teaches piano lessons to hire.

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