Virtual Music Lessons, What’s The Point?

Virtual Music Lessons, What’s The PointMusic During A Pandemic:

2020, a year that threw the world for a loop with endless amounts of trials and tribulations that no person could have ever expected. All of our lives drastically changed in such a short amount of time because all of the sudden we were at home, businesses and schools were closed; life was different. How did the pandemic affect music, you may ask. Music changed drastically when the pandemic hit because for the longest amount of time no one was able to play with each other in person. While having to stay home affected professional musicians, student musicians were also greatly affected when their school music programs were no longer able to meet at school in person. Currently, our situation has improved a little bit and depending on where you go, some students are allowed to be making music in person. But, many are not. The joy in music comes from the collaboration and for the first time ever we were faced with a situation where we could not share that joy with the world and it has become so important to become involved in private virtual music lessons.

My child is learning an instrument at school, what’s the point?

I hear this comment a lot. Parents will express that their child is already learning an instrument at school, so they don’t need any private instruction. While, yes, this is true that your child is likely learning an instrument in their school band or orchestra or learning how to sing in their school chorus, but this does not mean, even under normal circumstances, that they do not need private music lessons.

A Normal Year

Let us take a look at what school music programs look like in a ‘normal’ year. The middle school or high school band/orchestra/chorus director is likely teaching the class all alone. That one director has anywhere from 20-80 students in their class depending on the size of the school. Can you imagine how difficult it is for these music teachers to teach a class size that big to begin with? Then imagine how difficult it would be for them to give individual instruction on each instrument to every single one of their students on a regular basis. These teachers do everything they can to provide the best information and feedback to each one of their students, but the reality is, there just is not enough time in the school day for the teacher to give a lesson to every single one of their students.

A Pandemic Year

Now let’s take a look at what school looks like this year. The pandemic has completely changed the way school looks and it is different all across the country. Some schools are completely online, some schools are completely in person, and a lot of schools are doing a hybrid method of instruction. This means students are learning online while others are coming back to the school building. This also means that now the teachers are responsible for making sure that both online students and in-person students get the same amount of attention. Teaching through zoom is not ideal for any subject, but especially not for music.

Virtual Private Lessons

This is where private music lessons becomes really important. When you take online music lessons, your student is getting the undivided attention from a qualified musician. With undivided attention, your student is able to receive feedback on the things that they are doing well and also things that could use some more work. Because of this, they will be able to progress at a much faster rate than those who are not taking virtual music lessons. Not to mention, the fact that these lessons are taking place online guarantees that your family is staying as safe as possible, while still being able to make music.

Are virtual music lessons worth it?

The short answer, YES!!! While teaching online is not the ideal situation for anyone, Lessons In Your Home music teachers are glad to be able to still bring music into your home even while working through this pandemic. These private music teachers help your child thrive by giving the musician in your home a chance to connect and learn from another musician in the safest way possible. Contact us today to get started with lessons.

Virtual Music Lessons, What’s The Point

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