Practice Techniques You Can Do Without A Drum

Practice Techniques You Can Do Without A DrumIs a full drum kit really required in order to be able to practice your drumming? Are you about to start Drum lessons in Atlanta but haven’t had the time to invest in drumming equipment that you need? Don’t let the lack of a full drum kit hold you back – you can still practice your drumming, even without a drum!
There are three specific practice techniques that you can implement now while you’re working on getting yourself a full kit. You can use practice pads, develop your rudiments using objects like books or pillows, and use a metronome to strengthen your timing.

Practice Pads

Practice pads are every drummer’s best friend because they are very affordable and highly effective. Even a single rubber coated practice pad gives a drummer the ability to work on their technique. Drummers often use practice pads when they are unable to access their drum kit or have to keep the noise level to a minimum. Given their rubber build, practice pads create very little noise, even if you’re wailing on them. Professional drummers all over the world use practice pads to keep their chops up when they’re unable to access their full drum set.
As long as you have a pair of sticks and a practice pad, you can develop your drumming techniques virtually anywhere. Practice pads are easily transportable and built to handle even the heaviest handed players. They also help develop muscle strength and are far more affordable than your standard full drum set. Find them anywhere that drum equipment is sold!

Develop Your Rudiments

Rudiments are a structured set of percussive patterns that can take an ordinary drummer and turn them into an expert. Here’s the best part – mastering rudiments doesn’t require an actual drum kit! As long as you have a pair of sticks, you can practice your rudiments on even the most mundane inanimate objects. This includes books, pillows, or even the floor! Guess what… Practice pads work great, too!
Given the fact that rudiments can become highly complicated, it is recommended that you start with the simplest rudiments first, master them, then move on to the more intricate riffs. There is a surplus of tutorials and other helpful information related to rudiments on the internet, so if you don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed, simply look up a how-to video! Then grab your stick and the nearest couch pillow and get to practicing. If you’d rather learn from someone in a more personal setting, Lessons In Your Home proudly employs drum teachers in Atlanta who are well versed in rudiments and have experience teaching techniques that can be practiced with or without a drum kit.

Using A Metronome To Practice Timing

Timing is undoubtedly the most important skill that a drummer can develop, and you don’t need a drum set to work on this vital expertise. So what do you need to buy before your child starts drum lessons? A metronome and some drum sticks! If you are unaware of what a metronome is, it is a device that uses a beat to keep perfect timing. Drummers use metronomes to practice locking in on a groove and keep the pace without throwing off the rest of the band.
You can purchase a metronome online or simply download a metronome app for your phone or tablet. Once you have a metronome, set it to your chosen tempo, grab your sticks, and focus on staying in time by tapping on your practice pad or whatever inanimate object works best for you. Practicing with a metronome can be challenging at first, but if you stick with it, it will become easier and easier to use. Learning the drums is a rewarding skill for everyone, but it is especially beneficial for kids!


If you or your child is interested in learning how to play the drums, don’t allow yourself to be held back if you haven’t been able to invest in a drum kit. If you want to get set up with our music teachers, contact us today! They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child.

Practice Techniques You Can Do Without A Drum

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