Three Colleges That Offer Music Scholarships

Three Colleges That Offer Music ScholarshipsThe great thing about being good at your instrument is the opportunity to get some financial aid from the music department of your chosen college. If you’ve been with Lessons In Your Home for your woodwind lessons in Seattle, chances are you are well prepared for college scholarship auditions. In almost every case across the country, your scholarship’s amount will vary depending on your success in this audition. Many schools will also take academic merit, financial need, and other factors into consideration. If you are looking to study music, the scholarship and admission audition will very likely be one and the same. Either way, be sure to ask your music lesson instructor for guidance in preparing for your audition. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to get a good amount of financial aid!

If you’re looking in the Seattle Washington area, this article will take you through three great colleges and universities that offer scholarships for woodwind musicians. These schools represent three of the main approaches to college music scholarship offerings.

University of Washington (This is where I went for my Master’s degree in Clarinet Performance!):

Many larger public schools will only offer music scholarships to students that are music undergraduate or graduate majors. The University of Washington (UW) is one of those schools. As mentioned earlier, the UW makes their consideration for their music scholarship awards based on the admissions audition. It is also worth noting that one’s music scholarship can stack with other scholarships from other departments. UW is a great choice for those who are looking to major in music, and want the experience of being at a larger public university.

Cornish College for the Arts:

Cornish College for the Arts, as the name suggests, is a specialized college experience for students involved in the arts. If you’re a woodwind musician interested in attending this school, it is likely because you are going to be a music major. The beauty about Cornish’s size, which is considerably smaller than almost every other school in the area, is that they are able to offer music scholarships to a much higher percentage of their students. Cornish is a great choice for those who are looking to major in music, and want the experience of being in a smaller, more tight-knit community.

Seattle Pacific University:

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is a smaller, private university. It differs from Cornish in that it is home to more than just music and other arts students. As they are a smaller university, they are also able to offer a good number of students (nearly 100 according to their website!) music scholarships. The unique thing about this type of school is that they offer music scholarships to non-music majors as well as music majors. So if you’re looking to study something outside of music but want to stay involved in music, SPU is the place for you in Seattle.
I’d highly recommend meeting a woodwinds teacher in Seattle at Lessons In Your Home as soon as possible to start preparing for these auditions. They’ll also help you figure out other instruments that most often translates into a scholarship.
Our goal is to help your child get started on a musical journey that will last a lifetime. Lessons in Your Home also offers virtual music lessons making it extremely convenient for those who prefer this option. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who are well experienced, focus on each student’s individual needs, and plan their lessons accordingly.
By Brian Schappals

Three Colleges That Offer Music Scholarships

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