3 Reasons To Stick With Violin Lessons

3 Reasons To Stick With Violin Lessons
“I used to play violin and I wish I stuck with it!” This statement I hear almost regularly from others when I am spotted with my violin case or after my performances. I often ask why they no longer play and answers usually revolve around their growing lack of interest after they began learning the instrument. Honestly, I understand the feeling since I used to dread practicing and attending lessons every week. If my parents did not convince me to continue and if I did not have motivational violin teachers, I would be saying the same thing today. Fortunately, I grew to see the value in taking lessons and how they have helped me become a better student, musician, and most importantly, a better human. If you have interest in taking violin lessons in Atlanta, here are some benefits of sticking with the process.

Lessons Provide A Unique Challenge

Violin lessons typically happen once a week for each student for a set amount of time ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. In every lesson, the teacher gives instruction for music to practice and allows the student to demonstrate the work done over the past week. This one-on-one instruction is different from being in math or science class and students have the opportunity to show progress over a week instead of in a day. I remember my teacher in high-school gave me an exercise to practice, methods to practice the material, and then sent me home to learn the task until the next lesson.
When I practiced on my own and had difficulty figuring out what seemed like a puzzle, I was relieved to know I have allotted time with my instructor who knew how to help me. Yes, I was nervous at times to play for my Atlanta violin teacher and overwhelmed by everything I could barely comprehend, but I learned how to face the weekly challenge by asking questions. I also found that my teachers related better to my learning style because of my questions. Here are some questions students can ask their teachers to help enhance the lesson experience:

  • “I tried the methods you gave me last time, but I have a hard time practicing that way. Do you have any other methods that can help?”
  • “Everything makes sense when I am in lessons but when I get home, I am stuck. How can I practice better?”
  • “What motivated you to stick with violin lessons when you were younger?”

I also found it helpful to bring ideas of what I want to learn, whether a song I like or a technique that seems cool. Since the lesson is just you and your teacher, you have the liberty to ask any question or bring suggestions to the table.

Lessons Are An Expressive Outlet

Lessons provide a time to share your musical ideas. Sometimes, the music can be boring or, on the other hand, very difficult to play but with instruction, you become equipped to make the music interesting. Music doesn’t have a wrong or right way for it to be felt and your teacher helps you translate your perspective of the music to your performance. I appreciate how lessons cater to the individual, knowing that each body, mind, and heart is different. All three elements are needed for learning an instrument and lessons are the time to combine each one to make some great music.

Lessons Aid In Success

I have not found a professional musician who became successful overnight. Well, I wish that transformation is possible, but unfortunately, becoming a good musician takes weeks, months, and years of consistency and practice. In the process, attending lessons helps students learn faster because their struggles and tendencies when playing are addressed.
Preparing myself for this challenge each week prompted me to become more organized with my time and bring my best to each lesson in order to know what to do better. Still, my teachers always reminded me that approaching lessons takes an understanding of patience and dedication. The process of sticking to lessons is rewarding and I know this is true as I am able to now play comfortably in front of an audience, make friends with other musicians, and continue to thrive in all aspects of learning even outside of music.

Start With A Great Teacher

Violin lessons are easier to stick with when the teacher cares for each student’s learning styles, has a variety of methods to share, and allows students to express themselves through the music taught in each lesson. I was fortunate to have such teachers along my musical journey and each family should have these points in mind for finding the right teacher.
Lessons In Your Home has a variety of violin teachers who understand the need of teaching effectively and foster a lesson environment where each student can be expressive and successful by receiving a positive challenge each week. Our teachers come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your family!
By: Danya Wilson

3 Reasons To Stick With Violin Lessons

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