How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

How Much Do Guitar Lessons CostTaking the plunge into guitar lessons in Atlanta can be exciting and overwhelming. For a beginner, there can be a seemingly endless number of options for starting to learn the guitar. From online lessons that guide you through self-taught lessons to in-person private tutors, we’ll talk through some of the pros and cons of each option. Whether you choose to learn on your own, or you decide to go for online or in-person guitar lessons in Atlanta, there are so many options available to you, and it’s important to understand how each of these options can affect the overall cost of your guitar lessons in Atlanta.
Most guitar lessons that take place in-person range from $30 to $60 per hour of instruction. Online lessons will vary greatly, but some subscriptions or tutorials cost between $10 and $20 per month.

Different Types of Guitar Lessons

A classic way to pursue guitar lessons in Atlanta is through a music school or certified program. Depending on the program, you’ll have to meet certain requirements, which may include age and testing for acceptance into the program. Music schools can be one of the best ways to master learning an instrument, understand music theory, and get connected to broader industries and networks. However, they can also be difficult to gain acceptance into, and they can be very costly and require a significant time commitment.
A private guitar teacher in Atlanta will have more options for in-person and virtual lessons. A private teacher also has more flexibility in terms of time commitments and when and where lessons will occur. For most people who are serious about learning guitar but don’t want to make it into any type of career, private lessons with a teacher are usually the best way to gain mastery over the instrument within the timeframe you want to achieve that goal. One of the most advantageous parts of a private teacher that you don’t always get even at a music school is one-on-one training with a professional. Your teacher will be dedicated to you for the duration of your lesson and can focus on your goals and unique challenges.
Private lessons are great ways to learn the guitar for almost anyone at any stage of life. So whether or not you’re in high school, college, or have a full-time job and want to pick up guitar lessons as a hobby, private teachers will have the range and flexibility to cater to your personal needs, and while individual lessons usually clock in on average around $45 for a one-hour guitar lesson, you’re able to work with your teacher on how you use that time to meet your goals.
The other way you can learn to play the guitar is through online lessons. While some teachers may offer private, live ‘virtual’ lessons (meaning they conduct the lesson via Zoom, Skype, or through some online setting), online lessons could mean that your teacher is live, but it could also mean that your teacher is delivering pre-recorded lessons via YouTube or a paid channel. Online lessons will typically cost you less than an in-person teacher.
The benefit of online lessons is that both you and your instructor, whether live or not, are in the comfort of your own home. If you’re doing a virtual lesson live with an instructor, you’ll need a good microphone, camera, and stable internet connection. If you’re following along on a tutorial, you won’t need any of these things, as you won’t have a teacher offering you feedback. While a live instructor might run you around $30 per hour, a tutorial or subscription service without feedback can run you as low as $10 per month.

What Can Affect the Cost of my Guitar Lessons?

As we’ve discussed, guitar lessons in Atlanta can range quite a bit in price. This depends on several factors, but three in particular: experience, duration, and location.
When we talk about experience, we’re not only talking of the instructors, but of yours, the student’s, as well. If you are a true beginner, and your needs are to learn the very basics, you do not have to hire the most experienced, advanced instructor. But, if you are an advanced student looking to improve your technique, you might be in search of a professional with more experience and perhaps even a focus on a particular style or technique. If you’re in search of a more skilled teacher, you can expect to pay more for that experience. Finding a teacher who can teach you the basics will save you money early on.
The location of your teacher will also dictate how much you’ll pay. Big cities like Atlanta will likely be more expensive than the suburbs or more rural areas, but they’ll also offer more options. The higher cost of lessons in bigger cities is all related to normal costs of living.
Lastly, how long your lessons last will factor into the overall price of lessons. Most lessons are one hour long and will be priced accordingly. However, some teachers might offer discounts for longer lesson times. If you’re taking online lessons, the cost per hour can be significantly less than private, in-person lessons. Apps and tutorials can go for as little as $5 per month, although apps and tutorial subscriptions often have tiers of content that you can pay for.

How to Save Money on Guitar Lessons

Sometimes people sign up for guitar lessons simply to try it out. Maybe you’ve had a guitar lying around your house that belonged to your parents or siblings, and you just want to try your hand at learning. You might want to try learning how to teach yourself to play the guitar. If this is the case, you’re likely better off paying lesson by lesson with ultimate flexibility to cancel if you wish. If you’re looking to advance your skill or are confident you’re ready to commit to a certain amount of lessons, many teachers offer packages that will discount the cost of the lessons. Deals like this will typically save you 10% to 20% off the cost of guitar lessons.
If you’re interested in enrolling yourself or your child in guitar lessons, contact us today! Our teachers are available to come to your home for each lesson. In addition, we offer virtual music lessons for those who prefer this option instead of in-person lessons. Our online music lessons are taught by local teachers with plenty of experience and are focused on each child’s individual needs.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost

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