8 Things To Pass On To Teens Before They Quit Violin Lessons

8 Things To Pass On To Teens Before They Quit Violin Lessons
Your teen has been taking lessons now for some time now, and you love hearing them play the violin. You might have dreams of hearing them on stage play Tchaikovsky or even the Theme from Schindler’s List; but then they say something that you never wanted to hear, “I want to quit my violin lessons”. What do you do? How do you react? These questions and others are something to consider before your teen quits their Houston violin lessons.

As parents or guardians, you need to understand why they want to quit. Things to ask them include: are they bored, do they want to play a different style of music, are they stressed out, or do they just not click with their violin teacher anymore? After you ask them, really listen to what they have to say so it can be addressed. Teens like having some form of say over things that go on in their lives and might be more receptive to advice. Here are 8 points you can talk to them about.


While playing scales and classical music are great foundations to playing the violin, they are not the only options as far as styles go. Music is a language that opens up a world of expression that tells them things words do not. They can merge what they have learned with what they want to play. Even if they are not sure about what styles they want to play, there are ways to inspire them. Play music more around the house, take them to concerts (even virtually), and watch freelance violinists on YouTube or other platforms.

Stressed Out?

They have probably heard over the years how much practicing they need to do to get better, and as parents and teachers we keep reminding them. Now, they have more responsibilities and along with those responsibilities come learning to prioritize. Maybe they cannot find as much time to practice as they had before and feel like it’s an all or nothing scenario. Along with this, if they are pressured to practice, the opposite result might occur and they just won’t have fun anymore. Take the pressure off of them and possibly even help them to find a schedule that works.

Ups and Downs In Life

Help them to recognize that there are ups and downs in life, including with their music. If they know this, they might better be prepared to work through them. Also, let them discern that challenges can drive them to improve at something when they work through them.

Talk To The Teacher

Have they talked to their teacher so the issues can be dealt with? They may need your help with this if they do not feel comfortable addressing issues with an adult. Be assured that teachers want their students to love their lessons and to excel at playing music, and will most likely adjust.

Be Social

Music can thrive in a social environment. Can they go to summer camps or get involved with some local groups, especially ones that are their age? This would likely inspire them to try new things and venture out of their comfort zone.

Remember Their ‘Why’

Remind them of why they wanted to learn the violin in the first place, and about how far they have come. This can help them to see what they have already accomplished with their violin lessons.

Now Is The Time

Help them appreciate that they are at a point in their lives to accomplish great things, and all they need is to stay focused, committed, and explore new possibilities. This may not necessarily mean spending hours practicing, just to spend some meaningful time in their practice sessions.

Endless Possibilities

Help them know that if they stay with it, there are worlds of possibilities opened to them. They can play gigs and make money, they just need to keep learning and make those connections. An accomplished musician can also add the experience to their resume when they are looking for a job.
Be patient with them and guide them in the right direction for their needs. Things may need to be addressed and adjusted; but as long as they are willing to try, they might just stick with those violin lessons and achieve so many great things with it in the years to come. Contact us today to help keep them on their path to this success.
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8 Things To Pass On To Teens Before They Quit Violin Lessons

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