Help Your Voice Sing Smoothly with These 5 Tips

Help Your Voice Sing Smoothly with These 5 TipsDo you want to improve your singing voice? Maybe your child has a beautiful voice but needs more practice to get that solo in the choir or get the lead role in the school musical. Looking up “music teachers near me” on Google is a step in the right direction. When you take the right steps to improve your voice, you grow out of singing in a nasal tone, improve your pitch, and learn to increase your volume. Here are give beginner tips to use to improve your singing voice as you start having singing lessons in Atlanta.

Five ways to improve your singing voice

1. Breathing exercises

Your breath is what creates the sound of your voice. If you improve your breathing, you will improve your singing voice. If you take shallow breaths through your nose, your voice will have a nasal sound to it (which isn’t very pleasant). It’s fine to breathe in and out with your stomach, but you won’t achieve depth and greater volume unless you learn to breathe with your diaphragm. The better you get with breathing and controlling your breath, the better your volume will be, and you will be able to hold notes longer.

2. Check your posture

How would you rate your posture? If it’s bad, you will want to pay special attention when using this tip. Singing requires all the air from your lungs, and you won’t sound as good if you don’t have enough air. By having an upright posture, you can eliminate any air blockage in your body, giving you more air for a better sound. To hear the difference, try experimenting with your posture and singing.
Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and position your chest to be high and open. Pull your shoulders back, but keep them relaxed. Now try singing a few lines from your favorite song. Then try slouching or standing how you usually stand and sing. Can you feel and hear the difference?

3. Do warm-ups before singing

Think of doing warm-ups and runs like stretching before a workout or playing a sport. Doing warm-ups helps to prepare your voice for singing. Practice by gradually increase the volume of your voice and your vocal range with each warm-up. You can always look up examples of singing warm-ups on the internet too.

4. Get a music teacher

You can learn a lot by mimicking some of your favorite singers, especially ones with voices or ranges similar to yours. But you can learn a great deal more when you’re practicing with a professional like one of our music teachers. Having a voice coach will allow you to grow beyond what you ever thought was possible!
When you’re working with a music teacher, you can start to do more professional things with your voice like learn vibrato and discover your range. And let’s face it, while our singing tips are helpful to read about, they’re much more useful when you have someone who can coach you through technique for each tip.

5. Sing often

The more you sing, the stronger your vocal cords and vocal muscles will get. And the stronger your vocal cords get, the better your voice will be. So go ahead and keep singing in the shower or in the car, or wherever you enjoy it the most. And be sure to incorporate all the tips we’ve included. If your voice needs to recover from all the singing you’re doing, check out our blog on how to help heal your vocal chords.

Get ready to sing your heart out

Don’t think that just doing these tips once will get you to superstar status right away. It takes time, effort, and dedication to become an excellent singer, and the hard work is well worth the wait! If you’re serious about improving your voice or your child’s voice, you will definitely want to find a qualified singing teacher.
At Lessons In Your Home, all of our instructors are thoroughly vetted, professional, and passionate. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

Help Your Voice Sing Smoothly with These 5 Tips

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