11 Ways to Help Your Vocal Cords Heal for Singing

11 Ways to Help Your Vocal Cords Heal for SingingOur Atlanta voice teachers at Lessons in Your Home want to train your children, through singing lessons, to reach their vocal potential regardless of their vocal range or musical capabilities. In order to accomplish this, your children will need to keep their respiratory systems healthy. However, illnesses and injuries are common and can temporarily rob us of our singing abilities. When a singer’s vocal cords are hurt or irritated, there are remedies that the singer can try to recover and return to the stage.

Let the Vocal Cords Rest

Most cases of laryngitis will last up to two days as long as the signer does not inflame the vocal cords further. If communication via sign language or written words is not possible, the singer should speak softly (the piano players would refer to the target volume as “pianissimo”).

Refrain from Whispering

As counterintuitive as it may seem, whispering can cause more strain on the vocal cords than speaking. Singers should train themselves to speak softly before they lose their voice. This will allow them to respond to a case of laryngitis without aggravating it further.

Purchase Over-The-Counter Anti-Inflammatories

In addition to robbing a singer of their vocal range, a sore throat brings frustrating pain with it. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can help singers manage the pain without endangering their throats.

Refrain from Taking Decongestants

Decongestants leave their users with a parched throat and dry nasal passages. This will irritate and damage the vocal cords further. It’s best for singers to stick to anti-inflammatories.

Discuss the Possibility of Steroid Medications with a Primary Care Provider

Some types of steroids act as anti-inflammatories. However, steroids require a prescription due to the potential side effects. Steroid medications may not be the best solution for every singer, so please check with a doctor before proceeding.

Drink at Least 10 8-Ounce Glasses of Water Per Day

Viruses cause most cases of laryngitis. Flushing a virus out of the body is an ages-old treatment, so treat the sick singer to as much water as they can safely drink.

Drink Warm, Uncaffeinated Liquids

Warm tea and most soups will help afflicted singers regain their vocal ranges, especially if the tea is green tea. (The soup doesn’t have to be chicken soup, however). As far as caffeinated drinks go, the singer should avoid them because they dehydrate the body. Singer should also avoid dairy products like milk that are known to tighten and irritate the vocal cords.

Gargle with Warm Salt Water 3 Times a Day

The salt in salt water will heal the singer’s damaged throat. There’s no need to overdo it with the salt; one teaspoon per warm glass of water is enough to assist the healing process.

Suck on a Honey Lozenge

The medicinal ingredients in the lozenge will temporarily dull the singer’s throat pain. The honey acts as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, the saliva generated from sucking the lozenge will keep the singer’s mouth and throat moist.

Have a Hot Shower with Scented Oils

A hot shower by itself will keep the singer’s vocal cords moist and help relieve the throat’s pain. To make the effect more potent, the singer can add eucalyptus oil by placing the oil in the singer’s hands, rubbing the hands together, bringing the hands to the face, and inhaling.

Use a Humidifier While the Singer Sleeps

Our mouths become dry when we sleep, and this phenomenon can cause pain and restlessness for a singer with laryngitis. Using a humidifier will keep the singer’s throat and mouth moist while the singer rests.
For parents who want to learn more about how to treat their children’s sore throats – or for adults who wish for pointers on how to treat their own sore throats – try out these tips next time to help your voice recover faster.
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11 Ways to Help Your Vocal Cords Heal for Singing

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