What Sets Apart Great Online Music Teachers from Bad Ones

What-Sets-Apart-Great-Online-Music-Teachers-from-Bad-OnesIn a world with so many online music lesson teachers, it can be challenging to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. You want to find the best possible teacher for your child to take online music lessons. The problem is there are so many teachers offering online or virtual lessons these days. How do you know the music teacher you hire is the right one?
Not all great musicians are great teachers. You want to find an excellent musician who is also a gifted teacher. There are a few things to consider when you’re separating the great online music teachers from the bad ones, but first, let’s go over why it’s important to find a good teacher.

Why finding an excellent teacher matters

What’s at stake if you hire one of the bad music teachers? For one thing, they can make the biggest mistakes in your child’s music lessons. Finding a not-so-great or downright awful teacher could jeopardize your child’s enjoyment of music altogether. Have you ever had an awful teacher at school who ruined a particular subject for you? It can happen with music and learning an instrument, unfortunately. Great music teachers, however, will help your child’s passion for music to burn brightly. They will help your kid get a lot out of their lessons and their practice, too. Not to mention you can be assured your money is being well-spent because you know that your .

Where to find the best music teachers

There are a few places you can look to find an excellent music teacher. The most popular ways to find one is online or through a personal reference. And again, while it’s helpful to get a personal reference, you’re not always guaranteed to have the same experience your friend’s child had as no two children are alike.
Most people search online for virtual music teachers. However, searching for music teachers one by one can be tedious. Going through a company that hires music teachers specifically for lessons can simplify your search for you. At Lessons In Your Home, we vet all of our teachers and hire those who are gifted musicians and are passionate about teaching. We sort all of our teachers out according to the city they reside in and the instruments they play, making it easy on you when you’re searching for the perfect tutor.

Qualities to look for:

Can you spot the differences between the good teachers from the bad ones? Not necessarily, but there are a few qualities to look for when you’re searching for an online music teacher. Here are the top three.

1. They provide correction and encouragement.

This is a top-quality you want to find when looking for music teachers for your kids. It can be incredibly discouraging when a child is practicing an instrument and struggles with certain aspects of it. Having an excellent music teacher means the person can hear your child play or see how your child is playing and can then understand what your child understands or where he or she needs help.

2. They make learning fun.

Okay, now think of your favorite teacher from school. Most likely, they made the subject they taught to be fun and enjoyable. That’s easily a top quality to look for in a music teacher too. An excellent music teacher makes learning music fun – even when it gets challenging or when practicing gets discouraging. Fun teachers also provide creative ways to teach new concepts, playing techniques, and theories. By hiring an engaging teacher and who makes learning fun, your child will be more willing to practice their instrument.

3. They love music.

This one seems like an obvious quality. But there are music teachers out there who do it for a paycheck, not because they’re passionate about it. At Lessons In Your Home, you’ll never have to worry about this one with our tutors. All of our musicians are professional teachers and passionate musicians. They got into teaching because they love music and want to share it with others. Music teachers who love music are driven and focused on doing their best to teach, and in turn, their passion will spark a love of music in your child. And kids who are passionate about a subject make the best students.

Hire the best online music teacher

Make the search easy for yourself and hire one of our music teachers at Lessons In Your Home. All of our instructors are professional musicians and passionate teachers ready to get started with online music lessons. Our website makes it easy for you to search for teachers in your city who can teach the instrument your child is interested in playing. And if you’re curious or have questions, send them to us on our contact page. We’d be happy to answer your questions! Contact us today to find an instructor near you.


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