Five Things Parents Can Do To Prepare Their Children For Success With The Piano

shutterstock_2243530459In today’s modern stay-at-home era, parents are confronted with many responsibilities around family, work, and home. Even if we seek enrichment for our family in music, life may take us away from cherished time with loved ones. You want to know how you can get the most out of your child’s piano lessons and bring delight, so it does not feel like a chore. These ideas I share with you come out of a lifetime of joy and revelations radiating from growing up close to music and a love of playing the piano. I currently teach piano lessons in Denver after moving here from California.

Be Present During Your Child’s Piano Lesson

Learning to play piano is akin to learning a new language. There is novel vocabulary, notation, and ideas that are introduced. The piano is a very tactile instrument which calls for reading and interpreting this new language and being able to control our little fingers. There is a lot to take in, but it can bring a sense of accomplishment and beauty when it comes together. Parents have the golden opportunity to learn more about music during their child’s music lessons and can reinforce any observations from the piano teacher that their child may have missed. Children will feel more validated when one of their parents is around during the lesson, also. I encourage parents to listen in to virtual or in-person piano lessons and chime in on teachers’ practice tips. Your child will thank you for it.

Foster An Environment That Is Conducive To Musical Development.

Share your interest for music with family members and friends. Try to attend local music performances or watch programs that your child can learn the music to. Take interest in shows or concerts that keep their attention and become familiar with the accompanying music. Keep a perspective on different styles of music and when they came about. A good piano teacher may include some background information about the composer. Encourage your child to listen to all forms of music and try to find common elements in them. For instance, jazz and popular music routinely use 4/4 time signature (or common time). Denver has a rich musical scene and is an ideal place to take piano lessons.

Inspire Daily Piano Practice

Give praise, constructive feedback and positive reinforcement. Ensure that your child understands that this time is normal and regular. Children may not always be able to get to the piano at the same moment, but practice for even ten minutes a day can help students absorb and implement the lessons that were presented earlier in the week. Don’t get caught up with the amount of time your child is able to practice. Establishing an ordinary habit is more important. Do allow occasional times to ‘play’ instead of practice when it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards. You can be creative with your child by using games or other allowances to reward them for good behavior (think legos, small candy, or personalized small decor). There are also many advantages to learning piano at a young age:

Help Your Child Work Towards Specific Practice Goals

Children may not know how to focus their energies or may get caught up in learning a piece all at once. That’s why we, as parents, can assist by breaking their lofty goals into more manageable ones. For example, one practice goal could be to be able to play two measures of a piece smoothly, without interruption. Sometimes, having smaller victories can roll into more confidence and in turn build more positive attitudes towards playing music. Battle won!

Be Involved With the Musical Pieces Your Child Is Working On

Provide feedback on what you liked about their playing, or even make recommendations for new pieces that could be fun. Art does not exist in a vacuum and everyone making some form of art ultimately wants to be received. Remember, your kids are an extension of you, why not have fun with them as well! I’ve found that children whose parents are involved with their playing are more motivated to practice and enjoy their finished pieces much more.
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by Tony Nguyen

Five Things Parents Can Do To Prepare Their Children For Success With The Piano

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