The Advantages of Learning Piano Young

The Advantages of Learning Piano YoungIf your young child has expressed any sort of interest in learning the piano, you should encourage them. There are many benefits to learning the piano (or any instrument, really) at a young age. There’s also no reason to tell them they need to wait a bit. Young children can have piano lessons in Dallas, even if it’s just the basics, and experience many advantages in development, cognition, and creativity. Finding a piano instructor for kids isn’t that difficult, and many are more than willing to help a young pianist get started. Here are a few reasons why learning the piano at a young age is such a great idea.

It Helps Children Learn Languages

Studies have shown that children who learn music at a young age train have an easier time learning new languages. Music has its own language and teaching a child how to read music, recall songs, and learn theory are similar skills used when learning a language. Music training seems to engage the same parts of the brain that assist in language learning, and the younger you teach the brain, the easier it’s able to develop.

Learning the Piano Actually Changes the Brain

Along these lines, research has shown that playing music can actually change how the brain works. Learning the piano pushes the brain to create new neural connections that are related to speech, language, attention, and memory. These new connections often translate into a boost in test scores and school work. Links have been found between students who started learning the piano at a young age and those who excel in language arts, science, and math.

Playing Piano Keeps the Brain Active

The brain is like a muscle in that the more a child uses it, the stronger the neural connections in the brain become. Playing piano is one way of keeping the brain active and fit. This makes it easier for young children to learn other things. They don’t find it as hard as other students to return to school after vacation, nor do they find learning new things as challenging because their brains have been active.
Learning music at a young age helps the brain process emotion and encourage creativity. Many musicians grow to be emotionally intelligent, intuitive people with vivid imaginations.

It Helps with Stress and Burnout

Playing piano is a good way of unwinding and dealing with stress. Children who play the piano often do so as a form of relaxation. It can also help children who begin to feel burnt out on schoolwork or studying. Don’t be alarmed, however, if your child is at first stressed when learning the piano. Learning any new skill will require some work on the front end, but not all skills will provide the joy and relief that playing the piano does. Ask any musician why music helps them unwind and relax – there’s an indescribable freedom and pleasure that is experienced over the course of their lifetime. Help your child develop this while they’re young.

It Prepares Children for Success

Learning to play the piano teaches a number of different skills that can help your child be successful in life. For example, they develop good coordination and muscle memory in their hands. They also learn discipline and dedication since they know they have to practice regularly. Learning piano helps develop patience and improves memory retention. It can even help children battle depression.

It Teaches Teamwork

Playing the piano doesn’t have to be an individual activity. If your child plays in a music group or accompanies a singer, they will learn how to play together. They can even learn how to do this with you or your teacher at the same piano by splitting up the keys.

Playing Piano Keeps the Ears Young

Playing music helps keep the auditory cortex active and engaged. This can actually help prevent future hearing difficulties. Older piano players often don’t experience the same types of hearing loss or impairment that other adults do.

Ready to Start Lessons?

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The Advantages of Learning Piano Young

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