Are Piano Lessons Worth It?

shutterstock_2243530459Let me answer this question in two ways, with a short answer and a long answer.
The short answer? An emphatic YES! Piano lessons in Miami are absolutely worth your time and money.
Here’s the longer answer:

Why Piano?

The first, and most evident reason is that your student will begin to learn the piano! In music, the piano is one of the most important instruments to be familiar with. Whether or not your student continues to have lessons with their piano teacher in Miami, after the first couple of years or picks up another instrument later in their lives, having a baseline understanding of the piano can be extremely beneficial and easy to comprehend.

Just About Anyone Can Play

The physical barriers to learn and play the piano are significantly lower than that of most other instruments. For example, a student should not really begin learning to play the clarinet until they are at least 9 to 10 because their fingers are not big enough to cover the tone holes and create proper sound. Students as young as age 4 can begin learning the piano!

It Helps Students of Any Age Learn Note Names and Rhythms

Your student will begin to understand note names and rhythms in a very organic way on the piano. Each pitch is in a distinctive position on a piano, and rhythms are more directly tied to your student’s body, as the piano is inherently a percussive instrument. Even if they pick up the trumpet, clarinet, cello, or any instrument later, piano lessons provide a strong backbone to understanding the basics of music.
Beyond the technical details of music, learning any instrument teaches your student important life skills. Here’s what learning an instrument teaches your student in their piano lessons.

Music Theory

When your student is ready to start learning the more complex details of the theory of music, an understanding of the piano keyboard and where to locate notes is incredibly useful. A piano keyboard is a standardized way to look at the distance between notes and is often referred to in music theory curricula. Just by learning to play the piano, young musicians directly interact with understanding music theory more directly than any other instrument!


Learning the piano is not an easy task. In your piano lessons, your Lessons In Your Home instructor will guide your student in learning increasingly challenging music. They will show your student different practice techniques, be responsive to their needs, and most importantly they will encourage them to never give up on hard tasks. This results in your student learning one of the most important skills in life, one that seems to pass by so many individuals: patience.


There are not many things quite like learning an instrument to teach your student the value of sticking to a steady routine. In their piano lessons in Miami, your student will learn the value in establishing a consistent practice schedule. Their progress with this practice will become notable to you, their friends and family, and most importantly themselves.

Striving for Excellence and Attention to Detail

Music is the coalescence of many distinct elements, such as rhythm, hand positioning, attack technique, and volume control, into a complete “whole.” In order to make great music, all of these elements need to be trained individually and together. Your Lessons In Your Home instructor will guide your student in striving for excellence in music, as they learn many techniques to better understand music and engage with a sharp attention to detail to play their absolute best.
You will find that the benefits of enrolling your student in piano lessons are endless. Contact us today to find out more about our teachers! They come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child!
By: Brian Schappals

Are Piano Lessons Worth It

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