5 Things Parents Can Do To Prepare Their Children For Success with Drums

1. Work with a Great Teacher

5 Things Parents Can Do To Prepare Their Children For Success with DrumsA great teacher is essential for success with the drums and Lessons In Your Home has many ready to teach your child drum lessons in Miami. A teacher can make a frustrating task fun and prevent bad habits from developing early. They can also help inspire the student and show them what’s possible on the instrument. Since playing the drums can be tricky and complex at times, a teacher can help their student be successful and answer any questions a student might have. For example, many students get confused when learning the hits from AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” A good teacher can clarify tricky passages and help their student master the piece even when the music gets tough.

2. Listen to music as a family

Music is a language, but many people try to learn it without ever listening to it! Aside from attending lessons with your private drum teacher in Miami, listen to music with your children, particularly, listen to music with lots of drums. Any style of rock will be great to whet your child’s appetite for percussion instruments. When listening to music, it’s important to keep your child engaged. This isn’t as hard as it sounds! You can sing along (believe it or not, this will help their drumming), clap prominent rhythms, or ask them what their favorite part of the song is.
Let your child be the DJ! Letting them choose which songs to listen to will give them a sense of ownership in music, which will help them enjoy it and inspire your children to work hard on their instrument. The songs you listen to as a family will stick with them for a lifetime.

3. Dance

Dancing is perhaps the most fundamental way to get rhythm in your life, yet many don’t do it! Most children aren’t afraid to dance, so you can simply turn on some music and start dancing, and they’ll join right in. If they’re timid, teach them some moves and twirl them around. This is a great family video opportunity you won’t want to miss.
Dancing is also a great way to get exercise and stay loose during the pandemic. We’re all feeling a bit cooped up, and what better way to reduce your cabin fever than wiggling around to some great tunes? Choose songs that your kids like that are upbeat and groovy. Classic rock and Motown are great options to keep your dance party burning. If your child is comfortable moving to music, they’ll be more comfortable playing the drums, since movement is so fundamental to drumming!

4. Choose A Quality Instrument

I can’t stress this one enough. They say only a poor craftsman blames his tools, but have you ever tried building a house with a rubber hammer? Getting a good instrument can reduce a lot of the frustration of learning, especially at first. While having a great instrument is certainly not necessary, it can make a big difference and help inspire your child, because they will be able to recognize that the sounds they’re making correspond to sounds they hear in your family listening sessions.

5. Confidence with Counting

Your child does not need to be a math whiz to start drum lessons in Miami, but it does help that they’re confident with counting. This will make it easier for them to understand when things happen in music – when to play and when not to play. To develop this skill, try having them count different objects – street signs, bits of cereal, or even iterations of riffs in music. For very young children, understanding counting well can help reduce frustration with learning an instrument.
When you’re ready to sign up for drum lessons, let us know! Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. Contact us today to learn more.
By Jack Schunk

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  1. I am most interested when you said that having a quality instrument can help relieve a lot of the discouragement of learning. This got me thinking that drum lessons can be more effective with the aid of a good drum instrument. I’ll ensure to get one for my son when he starts his private drum lessons.

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