4 Life Skills You Can Learn in Violin Lessons

4 Life Skills You Can Learn in Violin LessonsWhether or not a violin student goes on to have a career in music, taking violin lessons teaches students vital life skills and gives students the ability to take on any number of difficult situations. Here are four important life lessons you can take away from lessons with our Washington, D.C. violin teachers.


We all know learning the violin takes practice. When a young student is just starting out violin lessons in Washington, D.C., they often need the adults in their life to help them set aside time to practice and to maintain a routine for optimal focus. However, after this initial stage, the student must set a consistent practice schedule and employ methods that produce the best result. For example, some students practice best right after school before homework, some practice best after homework is done in the evening, and some practice best first thing in the morning.
Additionally, each student has to learn how to be focused when practicing music, so that might mean avoiding devices, practicing in a private space, or making a plan of action for that day’s practicing. All of these strategies are ways of becoming more disciplined, which can apply to exercise, sleep routines, budgeting, and of course future careers.

Problem Solving

In addition to practicing discipline, practicing violin can help students to be better problem solvers. Violin teachers help students to not only identify problems in their playing, but also to find the cause of the problem and present possible solutions. For example, if a violinist is having trouble with a shift, their teacher will ask questions to help the student identify whether the problem is in the left hand, in the bow, or both. From there, the student and teacher would find out whether the shift is too fast, causing the hand to go too far past the desired note, and whether the bow is sufficiently supporting the sound. After that, the teacher might suggest how to practice the shift in order to carefully address the causes of the issue.
As the student progresses in violin lessons, they will learn to ask these questions of themselves in order to solve more problems outside of lesson time. This process of learning to identify the causes of issues and find solutions is applicable to absolutely every aspect of life.


Taking violin lessons also teaches us to be resilient. In lessons, in public performances, and in practicing, students often need to use constructive criticism to improve their playing. Learning to absorb these critiques as not a personal failing, but an opportunity for more musical growth is a very important part of the process.
As a musician and teacher myself, I have often taken constructive criticism too personally, which causes me to shut down instead of being receptive. I encourage my own students to give themselves feedback that is specific, honest, and kind, so that they can improve their playing without negative feelings involved. Music is such a personal art that it can hurt a lot when students hear that their performance needs improvement, so instead violinists need be open to what can be learned from constructive criticism.
Additionally, the world of music can sometimes be competitive, unfortunately. There are auditions in which not everyone can be accepted to a program or ensemble. Learning to accept rejection is an important part of being a musician. Instead of letting it discourage us or define us, students have to learn to grow from the experience, both as a violinist and as a person.


Lastly, violin lessons teach students to be comfortable performing for family, friends, and audience members. Even if students don’t go on to be life-long performers, managing nerves and projecting confidence under pressure is applicable to all facets of life. Whether it be giving a school or work presentation, or having a difficult conversation with someone, knowing how to live with the feeling of nervousness and not fight it can keep violin students cool in all kinds of stressful situations.

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by Emily Doveala

4 Life Skills You Can Learn in Violin Lessons

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