Top 4 Reasons to Take Private Clarinet Lessons

Top 4 Reasons to Take Private Clarinet LessonsThe clarinet is easily one of the most favored woodwind instruments. We love it for how great it is for beginners, its affordability, and how portable it is. If your child chose to play the clarinet for band or a music class at school, they’re likely getting a lot of playing time in that class. However, it can be challenging to learn to play the clarinet when you’re one of thirty to sixty students in band class and have only one teacher. To thrive while learning, your child should be taking private clarinet lessons. Here are the top four reasons why you should sign them up for private lessons.

1. Your child’s playing will improve

As mentioned before, learning the clarinet only in band class won’t get your child very far. Sure, they may take the time at home to practice, but they won’t shine unless they receive personal attention, correction, and encouragement from a professional. And this is extremely important if your child has any musical aspirations, whether it’s to play professionally one day or join the marching band.
By hiring a private clarinet teacher, whether in-person or online music lessons, your child can get the attention they need to play the clarinet well. The teacher you hire should be someone who will get to know your child, their best learning methods and will tailor their lessons to fit your child’s individual needs. They will be able to help your child develop better finger placement and helpful tips for practicing. They’ll also teach their students the best breathing techniques for wind musicians.

2. A tutor will give your child a better understanding of music theory

Not only will a private tutor provide your child with better playing techniques and practice drills, but they will also devote a lot of their time in lessons to understanding music theory. This is especially helpful for children who have musical aspirations for their futures. Music theory will teach your child how chords sound together, sight-read, and compose music. How much music theory they learn in private lessons depends on the teacher you hire and your child’s age.

3. Private lessons provide an additional outlet for playing

Playing in band or for music class is excellent exposure for children who are learning an instrument together. Music classes like band and orchestra allow each student to hear what it’s like to work together on a piece of music and understand each instrument’s role and what they bring to the table. However, playing at school with at least 29 other students, for one 45-minute class each day (or once a week) isn’t enough time. By getting private clarinet lessons, your child will have an additional outlet for playing the clarinet. And they will get to play for just one person to give them the attention they deserve as an aspiring musician. Click here to learn how private lessons, band, and orchestra all work well together.

4. Private lessons will keep your child motivated

Your little clarinet player faces one kind of pressure when they play with their friends or in band class. They face a different type of pressure, though, when they play for an audience of one, especially when that audience is a professional clarinet player that they admire. But it’s a good kind of pressure; it’s motivation to learn and play well. The clarinet instructor your hire for your child will inspire them, encourage them, and will correct them in their playing. They will tailor each lesson for your child’s learning needs and will help them make the most out of each lesson, band class, and practice time at home.

Inspire your child with private lessons

Motivate and encourage your son or daughter to play the clarinet well by hiring a clarinet teacher. There are many benefits to taking private lessons. You will be sure to see your child’s overall playing improve, they will be motivated to practice more, and they will have a greater capacity for music too.
If you don’t have a clarinet instructor yet, consider hiring one of our tutors at Lessons In Your Home. All of our instructors are professional musicians and gifted instructors. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who tailor their lessons specifically for your child. Contact us today to learn more.

Top 4 Reasons to Take Private Clarinet Lessons

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