5 Amazing Reasons To Take In Home Music Lessons

8 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the PianoThe Benefits

The benefits of music are endless, yes endless. Look up educational sites and information along with music and you will find so many resources and references that you can’t hardly read them all! Music engages both sides of the brain. The creative brain side sees the whole picture. This has often been attributed to great math brains. Composers who see this whole picture of music in their minds, have often been used as examples for solving complex equations and seeing through to the end, how geometry and algebraic equations work. In home piano lessons are the first step to developing this part of the brain.

The Reasons

Music was always a part of school curriculum, well, at least as far back as most of us adults remember, at least. Music was sung to us by our teachers, I remember several of my childhood piano teachers sitting down at the piano during the school day and setting things to music. I learned the 50 United States in alphabetical order, thanks solely to the gift of a catchy melody. Since these types of musical experiences in school seem quite a bit rarer in home music lessons are a great way to step in the gap of what is missing from the educational experience in the way of music. Learning to read the notes on a staff, while coordinating the hands to play said notes is another concrete example of engaging both sides of the brain, hand eye coordination, and a
complex level of language, the musical language.

The Society

Society benefits from music. Culture has always been a mark of a great society. Is that simply because it is pretty, or complex; I don’t know. What I do know is that the continuation of great society is linked to the continuation of music. Our children, and we ourselves should be versed in this great demonstration of advanced society. To think of all the different musical instruments the world over, you have to respect the great impact music has had all over the world. Society moves forward when it shows its creativity. I’ve also heard that musicians make the best computer programmers. Hard to argue the unparalleled impact of computer programming on society. It is a creative outlet. So many of those same brilliant programmers were musicians first. They took the time to learn music and in home lessons was the way so many of them did it. Parents who invest in music for their children are giving their child an advantage in so many areas of life.

The Future

Music is lasting! How many athletes have done such damage to their bodies by the age of 40, that they find little joy any longer in their sport, or little ability to actually play the sport with their child? Music is timeless. My 80 year old father is about to sing several songs for a large group at his upcoming birthday party. That is something you find in few places like you do
with music. The things you take the time to learn and get good at will go with you for life. You will be able to perform for others, or just yourself, when you’ve put in the work to learn the basics of guitar or piano lessons or something as fun as the violin, banjo or mandolin. Investing your time and money with in home music lessons is something that will pay dividends for years and years to come.

The How

To get started, find a piano teacher that you or your child can relate to. Find someone who will come to your home and be comfortable. When learning is done in such a familiar environment, the student will thrive. What a personal, competent teacher will do to help your musical journey is something that cannot be measured. It is hard to have hands on, and corrective input from a teacher who is not actually there, or is teaching from a pre-recorded DVD that covers the basics. Music is individual and personal. In home music lessons from a great teacher will be the key to unlocking so much potential and starting you on this awesome journey of the wonderful gift of music! Contact us today to get to know more about what we have to offer.

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