Will Learning Guitar Help My Child Do Better In School?

Will Learning Guitar Help My Child Do Better In SchoolHave you been wondering if guitar lessons could teach your child more than just how to play the instrument? Are you interested in Atlanta guitar lessons for your child but simply unsure if it’s worth the time investment? This article covers just a few of the many scientifically proven benefits of enrolling your child in music lessons.
Three of the biggest lessons that a child can learn from guitar lessons that go beyond being able to play the instrument are personal responsibility, increased creativity, and social comfortability.

Personal Responsibility

Anyone who has learned how to play the guitar can attest to the fact that it is no cake walk. It requires a high level of dedication to practice and being willing to keep going when it gets hard, which will inevitably happen. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither are guitar skills! No one is born with an expert level of efficiency on the guitar even Atlanta guitar teachers. The best guitar players in the world put in years of practice to be as good as they are, and truth be told, you never stop learning. This means that any child (or adult) who is willing to dedicate themselves to learning the guitar can become experts on the instrument!
Teachers at Lessons In Your Home know that motivating children to stick to learning the guitar is best accomplished by using teaching methods that engage and excite them. Lessons don’t have to be boring or monotonous – to the contrary, they can be a blast! If your child enjoys their lessons, they are more likely to become invested in learning the guitar. The more they practice, the better they become; and as they get better, their confidence and overall sense of satisfaction will grow. No one did it for them – they did it themselves! Their commitment to learning guitar pays off in every aspect of their lives as they adapt to responsibility.

Increased Creativity

Learning to play the guitar opens up a whole new world of creative expression for your child. Like any form of art, playing guitar allows one to speak without using words; thus resulting in a deeper, more intimate form of communication that surpasses the logical understanding of those who cannot play an instrument. As your child learns more about the guitar, they continuously unlock new pathways within their mind. These pathways allow them to express themselves through the instrument as it serves as a conduit between them and their emotions. Children who play instruments are clinically proven to be more creative and outwardly artistic than their peers.
Including guitar lessons in your child’s education will benefit other aspects of learning by allowing them to destress and have fun while learning something new at the same time. Many parents worry that their child will not be interested in how to start learning the guitar so they avoid lessons altogether. Lessons In Your Home teachers provide resources that make it easy for your child to be creatively stimulated right away, thus increasing the likelihood that they will stick to it. Activities that stimulate their creative minds will inevitably benefit all other aspects of their life!

Social Comfortability

Children who are shy or introverted could benefit greatly from guitar lessons. In the elementary phase of life, kids are often just beginning to find their individual voice among their peers. This time can be hard on those who might have a tougher time opening up. Guitar lessons can give children the opportunity to overcome some of their social anxieties by not only boosting their confidence, but also by giving them opportunities to perform in recitals, talent shows, and other public events.
Showcasing their developed skills in front of others helps them believe the fact that there is nothing to be afraid of. Their individuality is what makes them unique, and being able to play the guitar only further solidifies their uniqueness by arming them with an ability that is loved and appreciated by many. Who knows, your child could decide that the guitar is tied to their purpose in life and become committed to using it as a tool to communicate with others!

Backed By Science

Many studies that have been conducted over the years have unanimously proven that music lessons do far more for children than simply teaching them to play an instrument. One study in particular determined that kids who participated in music lessons prior to the age of 8 consistently outperformed their peers in school and typically had a higher IQ. Guitar lessons could work wonders on your child’s cognitive ability, help them open up, and teach them personal responsibility and commitment at an early age.
Some of the friendliest and most professional guitar teachers in the country are employed by Lessons In Your Home. They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. If you’re looking to get your child started on the guitar, look no further! Contact Us today!
By Caleb Hicks

Will Learning Guitar Help My Child Do Better In School

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