Why Virtual Lessons Are Way Better Than YouTube Tutorials

Why Virtual Lessons Are Way Better Than YouTube TutorialsIf you’ve found yourself searching for guitar lessons in Denver to help you or your child get better at their guitar, you’ve likely found an exhausting amount of online options. There are so many virtual ways to learn an instrument now, from the latest app to YouTube tutorials, to scheduling a virtual lesson with a teacher. While apps and online tutorials offer you some convenience, they’re not the best way to start mastering your craft. Here are a few reasons why virtual guitar lessons in Denver are a better alternative for kids wanting to learn guitar.

Benefits of a Live Teacher

While it might not be in-person, lessons with a professional guitar teacher in Denver still provide tons of benefits. For starters, even though you might be in Denver, your perfect teacher match might be in a different state or time zone. With virtual lessons, this is no problem. In fact, it’s a win-win for both students and teachers!
Besides the convenience of scheduling virtual lessons, there are several benefits to having an actual teacher observing and interacting with your kids that YouTube tutorials just can’t muster.


First and foremost, it’s tough to learn an instrument without any feedback from someone who knows more than you. So, this is a crucial aspect to having a person listening to the sounds your child is making and watching the technique on their computer or phone. With a YouTube tutorial, children are simply mimicking and mirroring what the instructor is saying, without any affirmation or criticism.


Technique goes hand in hand with feedback. Children learning the guitar need to master their technique as one of the foundational elements of learning an instrument. If they don’t have proper guitar technique, even if they continue progressing in other ways, they’ll always be hindered by improper technique. Live professional teachers can correct bad technique and help reinforce good habits for proper technique.

Fewer Distractions

Sometimes when left to our own devices, we can start and stop when we get bored, or when we encounter a roadblock to progress. When watching YouTube tutorials, kids can just shut off the video when they feel like it, meaning if they get distracted, that’s it for the guitar lesson for the day. Having a teacher present keeps children focused and on track.

Get Better Faster

Students who self-study or don’t take lessons in a group, or with a teacher, tend to plateau in their skill level. This can happen at various times, for various reasons, but kids who stick with a virtual lesson have a better chance of breaking through those plateau times and continuing to master – and enjoy- their instrument.

Human Interaction

Even though it’s virtual, the human interaction when participating in guitar lessons in Denver makes a huge difference. It’s encouraging to have someone who takes the time out of their day to reflect on the progress your child has made. Teachers and their students can form a bond over their shared love of music.
While tutorials are free and easily accessible, virtual guitar lessons in Denver, or wherever you are, are better options for those who are serious about learning the guitar. There are some instances in which it would be helpful or appropriate to watch YouTube tutorials. If your teacher has a supplemental app or specific tutorial that they recommend to you for additional practice, that’s a good reason and time to dive into tutorials on YouTube. This might be because they want you to practice a specific technique that you were struggling with. Or, this could be because you want to learn a specific song. But without guidance and accountability, tutorials just don’t hold up to virtual lessons.
Whether you’re searching for guitar lessons in Denver for your kids or violin lessons in Chicago for yourself, virtual music lessons are the perfect way to keep up your skill level and continue mastering your instrument. Virtual teachers provide convenience and professionalism for a range of instruments and skill levels, and the process of finding that perfect teacher match couldn’t be easier. Sign up today to get on your way to online music lessons!

Why Virtual Lessons Are Way Better Than YouTube Tutorials

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