Top 10 Brands of Violins for Beginners

Top 10 Brands of Violins for BeginnersCommitting to purchasing an instrument like the violin can be a daunting and expensive endeavor. When taking violin lessons for beginners, some may prefer to rent a violin before taking the plunge. But, when you’re ready to take the plunge and move from renting to owning, there are many factors to take into consideration, and even more options to sort through.
In order to help streamline the process of purchasing your first violin, we’ve compiled a helpful list of things to look for when purchasing a violin and recommended brands for beginners and intermediate violin players. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect violin for your needs to help get you prepared for lessons with your Atlanta violin teacher.

What You Should Look for When Purchasing a Violin

Without overcomplicating things, there are four major considerations to make when purchasing a violin. Keep these things in mind as you shop around.


When shopping for violins for beginners, one of the first things to consider is the size. Violins come in many different sizes: ¾, ½, ¼, ⅛, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. To fit your child or student for the appropriately sized violin, you must measure from the base of the neck to the wrist of the left hand, with the left arm fully extended. This measurement will give you the most comfortable option.


No matter what you’re shopping for, it’s best to set a budget before you begin looking. If you’re looking for a high-quality violin, these can start around $500, and they go up in price accordingly from there. Additionally, don’t forget to factor into your budget a violin bow and case, as they are sold separately from the violin. Setting a budget is a great first step because you’ll be able to narrow your search by not wasting time looking at items outside of your budget.


One of the toughest aspects of choosing a violin is assessing its quality. It would be terrible if you purchased a low-quality instrument at a high price, so make sure you’re investigating the quality of the construction and structure. Two things to make sure of when you’re assessing quality: the violin shouldn’t look warped, and the violin shouldn’t make a creaking sound when pressure is applied.

New or Used

The good news about purchasing a violin for someone taking violin lessons for beginners is that you have many options in the new and used categories. If you’re more budget-conscious, purchasing a used violin is a great option because you can always upgrade later on if you choose.

Top 10 Violin Brands for Beginners

1. Stentor

Pros: Hand-carved from top quality materials, good sound, affordable
Cons: Uneven finish, lower quality fingerboard and pegs, models don’t come in every size

2. Knilling

Pros: Quality materials, pegs are easy to tune, nice tone quality
Cons: More expensive, doesn’t come in all sizes, production consistency

3. Cremona

Pros: Well-known brand, easy resale, top quality wood and craftsmanship
Cons: Doesn’t come in all sizes, no customizations, more expensive for beginners

4. Cecilio

Pros: Affordable, top quality wood, high-quality pegs, electronic tuner
Cons: Pegs can slip or stick, shoulder rest not adjustable, tone quality on some models

5. Mendini

Pros: Budget-friendly, good for beginners, two bows included
Cons: Pegs can stick, bows can warp, will need to replace strings

6. Yamaha

Pros: Variety of models, entry levels are very affordable, satisfactory tone quality
Cons: Advanced players will need to upgrade

7. Eastman

Pros: Top quality materials, ebony fittings, great craftsmanship, great sound projection
Cons: Price higher than others, doesn’t come in all sizes

8. Franz Hoffman

Pros: Excellent craftsmanship, cheap initial outlay, well-constructed, beautiful
Cons: Overture strings will need to be replaced, doesn’t come as kit

9. Carlo Lamberti

Pros: High-quality maple and spruce, ebony fingerboard, hill-style ebony pegs, good value
Cons: Some models do not come as a kit.

10. Primavera

Pros: Lower end of price spectrum, produces good sound, satin varnish gives antique appearance
Cons: Factory fitted strings will need to be updated
If you’re looking to find the perfect violin to begin your journey into violin lessons for beginners, this list should help you refine your search, save you time, and ultimately help you find the right violin for you.
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Top 10 Brands of Violins for Beginners

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