10 Interesting Facts About the Ukulele

10 Interesting Facts About the UkuleleIf your child is expressing interest in learning an instrument but doesn’t particularly have a desire to play something specific, ukulele lessons for kids might be a great way to see if your child can really handle learning an instrument. While so much more than just a tiny instrument for children, the ukulele does offer a low-risk path into musicianship. We’ve put together 5 reasons you should consider the ukulele for your child, plus 10 fun facts about the ukulele to get your child excited about playing!

Why Ukulele Lessons for Kids are a Great Idea

The ukulele is a great beginner instrument specially when taught by the right ukulele teacher. This is because it is small, relatively inexpensive to get started, and is fun to play. If you’re curious about what getting started with ukulele lessons for kids would be like, search no more.

  1. Ukuleles are inexpensive. Ukuleles are different from other stringed instruments. Violins, violas, cellos, and other orchestra instruments can cost a lot of money to get started. This is not the case with ukuleles. Plan on spending $50 and $100 for a beginner model. This way, if your child decides not to continue with ukulele lessons, you haven’t wasted a ton of money.
  2. They are already child-sized. While there are a range of sizes for the ukulele, the smallest ones are already the perfect size for a small child to play them. If your child is interested in playing the guitar, starting on the ukulele is a great option for them. A ukulele is easy for a child to carry around, and they even fit in backpacks for easy transportation to lessons or friends’ houses.
  3. Ukuleles are easy to play. Other stringed instruments either have many strings, or they have finger placement and bow placement to master. Ukuleles have 4 strings, and chords for ukuleles are easy to learn. Strumming patterns are simple to pick up, making it a quick instrument to learn.
  4. They are great tools to learn about music. Like any instrument, the ukulele is a great way for children to learn about the foundations of music theory. Through ukulele lessons for kids, they learn about things like beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony. Transitioning to a more difficult instrument after starting on the ukulele is much easier.
  5. They are fun to play! Last, but maybe most importantly is that playing the ukulele is fun! Your child will enjoy strumming this tiny instrument to create some seriously unique and fun songs.

Unique Ukulele Facts

The ukulele is a unique instrument that is part of the lute family. It is guitar-like, and was developed in Hawaii, and is most associated with Hawaiian culture. This is all that most people know about the ukulele, so knowing these 10 facts about the ukulele will help you become a ukulele expert in no time!

  1. The ukulele was born in Hawaii, and originally constructed by Portuguese immigrants. It’s modeled after the Portuguese instrument, the machete.
  2. The first ukulele was made in 1879.
  3. The word ukulele translates to “jumping flea,” a phrase that Hawaiians said described the motion of a ukulele player’s hands when playing.
  4. The ukulele gained popularity in Hawaii because of its inclusion in royal gatherings. Kings would request ukuleles at royal banquets.
  5. The ukulele first made its appearance in the contiguous 48 states in 1915, where it was an instant hit.
  6. Although it looks like you’d pronounce ukulele one way, it’s actually pronounced “oo-koo-lay-lay.”
  7. The ukulele’s low cost made it a popular instrument during the great depression (and beyond) when other instruments were unaffordable.
  8. Elvis Presley played a ukulele in his movie, Blue Hawaii. The soundtrack, which heavily featured the ukulele, was a huge hit.
  9. There’s more than one type of ukulele. Professional ukulele players may use different ukuleles for different reasons. There are concert, tenor, baritone, and soprano versions of ukuleles.
  10. Beatle George Harrison mastered the ukulele! He was the guitarist for The Beatles, but he also had a fondness for the ukulele, often giving them as gifts.

Now that you’ve learned about how great ukulele lessons for kids can be, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing your child’s first ukulele. It’s guaranteed to be an easy, joyful instrument for your child to learn.
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10 Interesting Facts About the Ukulele

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