What Happens When You Grow Up Playing Music

Being a piano teacher and a music educator I sometimes get asked the question, what do you hope for or except of your music lesson students? What happens when you grow up playing music? The answer is simple; when you grow up playing music you’re a musician.

Yes, It’s Like Riding A Bike

When you grow up playing music
You Can’t Quit Being A Musician

My friend here pictured in the photo is Jason Wright, he played the electric bass in our rock band during our high school years at Lake Mary High school in Lake Mary, FL. Many of our friends where musicians too, involved in rock bands, the chorus, or the band programs in our school. For us, we loved playing.
Of course as we get older, not all of us continued on our musical journey, but I know inside we’re all musicians. Not professional necessarily, but we have inside us a passion for music.

The Hit Of The Party

In our adult life there are those moments when we need to shine in a different way then normal. A musician may be reluctant sometimes but has a skill set not all do. And at a recent team building event, when it came time for a showstopper, they called on Jason. I don’t think he announced he was a musician but rather I think people can just tell who can belt out a song when needed. He’s a natural leader and an officer in the US Navy. Being identified as a leader is just one of the skills you can have when you grow up playing music.

As It Relates To Music Lessons

So when I’m mentoring a teacher as the founder of Lessons In Your Home, especially the younger music teachers, still performing actively, and pursuing that dream as well as teaching private lessons, I use examples like this to teach them why it is we teach, and goals we can hope to achieve with our students.
And when students sometimes quit their lessons, maybe they’ve lost interest, or as they get older they just don’t think it’s “cool”, I can be happy knowing that one day, when they’re a leader at their workplace or looked up to by peers, it might be because they grew up playing music.

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