Welcome Violin and Voice Teacher in Denver, Thornton, and Fort Collins!

Miriam Iams is a new violin and voice teacher here in the Denver metro area. We are so excited to have her on staff, and teaching lessons in Thornton, Denver, and Fort Collins!

violin and voice teacher
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Classical and Rock Music

Miriam comes to us from the from the Rapid City, South Dakota area. She ran her own music studio there while singing in a rock band, and also performing many classical violin and stringed quartet performances. She has recently completed her graduate degree from the University of Colorado, and has fallen in love with this beautiful state!

Drama Too!

Miriam has an extensive drama and performance background and has held numerous roles in different Broadway style productions such as Rent and Joseph, and various other musicals. Her voice, and voice experience make her a sympathetic and energetic voice teacher who brings out the best in her students’ voices.
Her unique performing experience has allowed Miriam to combine several of these aspects into her teaching. She goes beyond teaching the music, to teaching the stage and the full spectrum that music has to offer to an artist.
Miriam is also very versed in different styles of violin playing. Being a vocalist and violinist in a rock band brings a very new concept to violin playing. She has also taught Irish and fiddle style violin as well. Fiddling has taken on a new level of popularity, and Miriam has done a great job of teaching that to her  students as well as emphasizing the importance of the basics of classically trained violinists. Having a Suzuki background, she can also incorporate that into her lessons and teaching.

Violin And Voice Teacher

Miriam is an inspirational violin and voice teacher who is so excited and motivated to share her gift with the world. Her students attest to that fact, since she has a waiting list soon after starting teaching in an area.
We are so excited, again, to have Miriam on our staff in Denver and Fort Collins, and look forward to many great lessons ahead!

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