Violin Lessons for Beginners

Violin Lessons for Beginners
You may feel a little overwhelmed at the first thought of your child taking violin lessons. Certain questions may come to your mind, such as What all do I need to buy? How will we make the time for lessons and practice? Are violin lessons really worth it?
However, once you have a plan in place for making time for practice, selecting a teacher, and choosing the right equipment, you can be on your way to helping your child learn a skill that will be with them for life. If you are interested in enrolling your child in violin lessons but are unsure of where to begin, violin lessons in Seattle with Lessons in Your Home are a great place to start!

What do I need to purchase before my child starts taking violin lessons?

Before your child can begin violin lessons, they will need to have a violin. There are several shops in the Seattle area for you to either purchase or rent a violin. Since violins come in different sizes depending on the age and size of the student, it’s important to make sure you choose the right size. Shop owners are always happy to help. Some parents also choose to rent a violin since they can upgrade as the child grows. It is also possible to find a gently used violin that may fit your child’s needs. If you choose to purchase a used violin, shops in the Seattle area offer repair, setup, maintenance, bow re-hair, and other repair work.
In addition to the instrument, you will also need a shoulder rest for your child, which can be purchased in the violin store or online. This allows your child to hold the violin comfortably. Your child will also need a bow which most likely will come with the violin but can also be purchased at the music store or online. Violin rosin is also a necessity. Rosin is hardened tree sap that is applied to the bow before each practice giving the grip needed to produce sound.
Another item that our Seattle violin teachers recommend is a music stand. A music stand holds the students’ book or sheet music at the right height and can be adjusted as the child grows. The stand doesn’t have to be expensive; a simple stand will serve its purpose.
Your Seattle violin teacher will also suggest a book for your child to start with. This may differ based on the age and music background of the child. This should be discussed with your child’s teacher before you make the purchase.

Caring for your Instrument

Your child must learn to take care of their violin. There are several things to do that will keep it in good working order. You should help your child clean the violin using a fine instrument cloth anytime it gets dusty from the rosin. By regularly cleaning, it makes the strings easier to play.
Teach your child the importance of placing their violin in a safe place out of the way. Oftentimes children who are still learning responsibility may sit their violin down on a chair or the floor leading to damage to the instrument. Having a regular “home” for the violin, such as a case or a hanger on the wall are a good option, so your child knows where it is at all times. Always place the instrument string-side up, even if it’s in a case, and be careful not to lay anything on top of it.
Take precautions when it comes to the temperature and humidity to which your child’s violin is exposed to. Keeping the instrument at a steady temperature is best since extreme heat or cold make cause it to go out of tune. Make sure you never leave your violin in the car since this is a common way to cause serious damage to the instrument.

How much time is involved in lessons and practice?

Once you have your violin other supplies, it’s time to get your child started with violin lessons in Seattle. The most common schedule for violin lessons is once a week, although some parents may choose to have their child take lessons as often as twice a week. Others that have busier schedules can choose bi-weekly lessons. Our instructors at Lessons in Your Home will arrange their schedules to work with you and your family’s individual needs.
During the first few lessons, your child will learn the basics of the violin, such as how to hold the instrument properly. They will also be introduced to playing open strings and plucking to make the first sound on the violin. They will also learn the proper way to hold the bow and be given exercises to help them master how to hold the bow. Although it may seem like your child isn’t learning much during the first few lessons, they are learning the proper techniques and basics early on, which is of utmost importance in mastering the instrument.
Setting aside time for a daily practice of the violin is something that is highly encouraged and advised. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes is a good amount of time to practice each day. The time could also be divided up into shorter segments, such as practice right after getting home from school and a few more minutes after dinner, etc.
The more your child practices, the quicker they will progress. As a child’s skill improves, this naturally encourages them to stick with it. Once a child starts to realize their hard work is paying off, it is a great motivator to keep up the good work.

Are violin lessons worth investing in for my child?

There are many physical, mental, and social benefits to learning to play any musical instrument. Learning to play the violin offers some additional benefits of its own.
Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of playing the violin:

  • Improves critical thinking skills
  • Increases attention span
  • Better grades in school
  • Improves memory
  • Strengthens cognitive skills
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Boosts happiness
  • Teaches a child to accept constructive criticism
  • Teaches self-discipline and motivation
  • Provides structure and routine through practice
  • Teaches dedication and commitment

If you are interested in enrolling your child in violin lessons, contact us today for more information. We will help you choose a teacher that is a perfect fit for your child. Our teachers are available to come right to your home for each lesson. Our goal is to help your child get started on a musical journey that will last a lifetime. Lessons in Your Home also offers virtual music lessons making it extremely convenient for those who prefer this option. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who are well experienced, focus on each student’s individual needs, and plan their lessons accordingly.

Violin Lessons for Beginners

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