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Experience the joy of learning the violin without the hassle of fighting traffic or working with rigid schedules. Our private violin lessons with Lessons In Your Home bring the expertise right to your doorstep for premium convenience and comfort. Whether your child is a budding musician or an experienced player seeking to refine their skills, our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate Seattle violin teachers is dedicated to guiding you or your child on a memorable musical journey.

Learning how to play the violin in a familiar environment offers comfort while building confidence, leading to more effective practice and progress. Additionally, virtual lessons with Lessons In Your Home can offer flexibility in scheduling and access to a wider pool of instructors regardless of geographical location. Overall, whether in-person at your Seattle home or virtually, violin lessons provide convenience, personalized instruction, comfort, flexibility, and access to quality education—all contributing to a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience.

Get Private Violin Lessons Across Seattle With Our World-Class Violin Teachers

Encourage your child to embark on a journey of learning to play the violin with confidence, knowing that our dedicated Seattle violin teachers are committed to helping achieve your child’s musical aspirations. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and personalized attention of our private violin lessons right in the comfort of your own home. The personalized attention your child receives in private lessons is another significant advantage. A violin teacher can tailor the instruction to suit your child’s individual learning style, pace, and goals. Whether they’re a beginner needing extra guidance or an advanced player seeking to refine specific techniques, the one-on-one format allows for targeted instruction that addresses your unique needs and challenges.

Karli Rhind

Instrument(s): Ukulele, Viola, Violin

City: Seattle

With enthusiasm for inspiring young musicians, learning new musical styles, live performance, and traveling, Karli Rhind is an established violist and Suzuki Certified Instructor with 18 years of experience as a classical musician. She holds a Master of Music in String Pedagogy from the University of New Mexi…

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Richard Quan

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Seattle

Richard Quan picked up the violin at the age of six and has been playing the violin for 11 years, with a teaching experience of 3 and a half years. Richard is currently attending University of Washington, Bothell. Richard is fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean. He is a soloist who concentrated o…

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Jennifer Jeon

Instrument(s): Piano, Viola, Violin, Voice

City: Seattle

Born and raised in Washington, Jennifer Jeon began her musical journey at the tender age of four. She started with piano lessons from Mrs. Kim, who resides in Bellevue, and continued lessons with her until early high school. During this time, she participated in recitals, festivals, and competitions. When Jen…

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Barbara Pau

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Viola, Violin, Voice

City: Seattle

Barbara is a musician that recently moved to Seattle from Italy. She started learning violin at young age. Her grandmother was a piano teacher and she has always been surrounded by music and musicians. She attended the Conservatory of Milan between 1992 and 1995, graduating in Music Theory and Complementary P…

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Andi Ridings

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Seattle

Andi Ridings is a violinist and cellist originally from Saint Louis, MO. Ever since she can remember, Andi has had music coursing through her body and couldn’t resist singing and dancing to just about any type of music when she was growing up. She started playing the violin at age 10 through her elementary …

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Laura Reed

Instrument(s): Fiddle, Strings, Viola, Violin

City: Seattle

Laura Reed is a Violinist and Violin Teacher in Seattle, Washington. She grew up in a musical family and began taking violin lessons at the age of 7. After attending a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker in the 5th grade, she realized that music is what she loved and she began practicing her instrument!…

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Aviva Browning

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Seattle

Aviva is a violinist by choice and a teacher by trade. She first began learning the violin in 4th grade at her elementary school, and has continued the pursuit of music every since. In addition to the regular school orchestra, Aviva performed in solo contests, chamber groups and youth symphonies in Olympia, W…

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Nick DeLosSantos

Instrument(s): Music Theory, Piano, Violin

City: Seattle

Mr. De Los Santos started playing the piano and violin around the age of 11. Taking what he had learned through playing the violin in orchestra throughout middle and high school, he taught himself how to play the piano until he entered college ,and has been in love with it ever since. Earning his Bachelor’s o…

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Nawon Jang

Instrument(s): Fiddle, Guitar, Violin

City: Seattle

Nawon Jang started playing the piano when he was five years old. He always had the opportunity to hear great music in the church and after being surrounded with singing and playing music in that community, he knew that music was a gift to everyone who can enjoy and appreciate it.

When Nawon came to the Un…

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Margaret Young-Weitzel

Margaret Young-Weitzel was in the faculty of Claflin University as Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music Education. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts at the University of Washington where she studied conducting with Timothy Salzman. She also holds a Masters in Teaching and a Bachelor’s i…

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What Families Say About Us

Ready To Learn the Violin? We love helping kids learn!

From beginners to advanced players, our tailored Seattle violin lessons cater to students of all skill levels. With Lessons In Your Home, our instructors provide age-appropriate and personalized teaching styles to ensure steady progress and mastery of the instrument. Mastering a musical instrument like the violin at a young age stimulates cognitive function, improving memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. These benefits can extend beyond music and into your child’s classroom and social situations. The discipline required to practice the violin regularly fosters patience, perseverance, and self-discipline, qualities that are valuable in all aspects of life. Moreover, playing the violin provides a creative outlet for self-expression and emotional release, encouraging overall mental well-being.

What To Expect When Joining Our Seattle Violin Lessons

Choose from 30 to 60-minute violin lessons designed to suit your child’s learning pace and preferences. Our goal at Lessons In Your Home is to create a nurturing environment where your child can thrive and unleash their musical potential. Additionally, we offer free recitals, providing opportunities for students to showcase their talents and gain performance experience among family and friends. Learning in the familiar surroundings of your own home can foster a sense of comfort and relaxation, which supports more effective learning. Your child can practice in a space where they feel at ease, free from the distractions and pressures often present in a group class or studio environment.

What Makes Lessons In Your Home the Best Choice for Seattle Violin Lessons?

Lessons In Your Home offers unparalleled flexibility with scheduling private Seattle violin lessons. With private lessons offered at times that suit your availability, you have the freedom to choose lesson times that fit into your busy schedule. Whether you prefer morning sessions before work, afternoon lessons after school, or evening sessions to unwind at the end of the day, the flexibility of private lessons ensures that you can find a time that works for your family. The rapport and connection your child can develop with a private Seattle violin teacher can greatly enhance their overall experience with learning the violin. With individualized attention and ongoing feedback, private violin lessons help build a strong mentor-student relationship that fosters growth, motivation, and a deeper understanding of the music.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seattle Violin Lessons

Do you offer violin lessons in other neighboring cities near Seattle?

Yes, Lessons In Your Home offers violin lessons across the Seattle area, including Beacon Hill, Bellevue, and Wedgewood.

Do you offer violin lessons in any Seattle schools?

In addition to providing private lessons in the comfort of your home, Lessons In Your Home also offers Music in Your School programs that can include private lessons, group lessons, music workshops, and more.

What are the available schedules for your Seattle violin lessons?

With lessons offered from 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, finding a suitable time slot to fit into your busy schedule is effortless. We understand that flexibility is key, and we prioritize accommodating your availability.

How can I book my first violin lesson with you?

Fill out our interest form online to get started with Lessons In Your Home, or call us at 206-369-9737.

Are recitals required when enrolled in Lessons In Your Home violin lessons?

While recitals are not required, we often recommend your child participate as a valuable opportunity to showcase their progress and gain performance experience in a supportive environment.