Teacher Profile: Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang

Instrument(s): Piano, Viola, Violin

City: Seattle

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    About Daniel Wang

    Daniel Wang started his musical journey in 2006 at the age of 5 with learning violin and piano. He has studied under various private teachers for both instruments, including Patty Nuremburg and Ruth Marie Ballance for violin, and Lynnette Emme and Gina Yao for piano. Private lessons continued until around the age of 18, after which he has continued learning both instruments through self-study. At first, he only wanted to learn because he saw his older brother practicing, but he continues playing even today because he has acquired a love for both instruments. Along the way, he has also explored guitar, viola, and a variety of other instruments. Daniel has showcased his musical talents in diverse settings, including church services, nursing homes, and large-scale public events, including multiple annual Christian Heritage conferences and a The Piano Guys live concert.

    Since 2015, Daniel Wang has shared his musical expertise as a teacher, instructing students spanning a wide range of ages, from as young as 6 to as mature as 60. His teaching style is characterized by flexibility, allowing students the freedom to delve into the music they are passionate about, learn techniques of their choice, and pursue their unique musical aspirations. Daniel emphasizes the importance of students finding fulfillment in the music they create, prioritizing their personal musical journey over a rigid teacher's agenda. As someone who has experienced personal growth and character development through learning music, he continues to encourage similar growth in his students.

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