Tips to Keep Your Hesitant Child Interested in Music Lessons

Tips to Keep Your Hesitant Child Interested in Music LessonsYour child was passionate about playing their instrument. They took their music lessons seriously and even enjoyed practicing at home. Until one day, something drastically changed, and now you’re struggling to get your child out the door for their weekly lesson. What happened? There may be numerous reasons for their sudden change of heart. Maybe you need to hire a new piano instructor who makes learning more fun and exciting? Or perhaps your child is getting bored with the direction their learning is taking them. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to keep your hesitant (or even reluctant) child interested in their music lessons.

1. Talk to your child’s instructor

If your child is reluctant or hesitant to practice the piano or whatever instrument they are playing, talk to your child’s instructor. Chances are, your child’s piano instructor has picked up on something being off about your child. When you have a discussion with them about your son or daughter not being excited to play, you will confirm the instructor’s suspicion. Every music instructor has had at least one student who temporarily lost their spark with private piano lessons. He or she should have a few different ideas to help your child feel more inspired. They may try new games to keep things more exciting, or they may change the way they teach your child.

2. Hire a new instructor

If, after discussing with your child’s instructor about their lack of motivation, the instructor doesn’t do anything, you may want to consider finding someone new. Keep in mind that it’s okay to find someone new for your child! After all, you want your little musician to enjoy learning music, not feel stifled by someone else’s playing techniques or imposed rules. At Lessons In Your Home, our instructors are not only professional musicians, but they also make learning the piano fun. If you’re considering making a change in instructors, we encourage you to search through our instructors and find someone who will make your child feel excited about learning again. Our instructors can come to your home or can also provide online music lessons.

3. Let them play their favorite songs

Sometimes your child needs to play some of their favorite songs to get their passion back. You can help your son or daughter find their favorite songs online with websites that offer chords or sheet music. This is something your child’s piano teacher can work on with them too. Your little musician is much more likely to be more involved in playing their favorite songs from their favorite artists, especially if they don’t have an appreciation for classical composers or pieces yet.

4. Take the pressure off

What’s the pressure gauge like in your home? Talk with your son or daughter. Are they feeling pressured more than usual? Try letting your child take a break from practicing as often as they have been. Sometimes removing the pressure of practicing or making sure that they are playing perfectly will help your child regain their desire to play again. Encourage your child not to quit but to simply enjoy a break from practicing every day or as often as they have been.

Don’t give up

If your child isn’t feeling inspired like they used to be, don’t give up, and don’t let them quit! Try out some of our tips, or a combination, and see what helps your child. There are many different ways you can encourage your child to enjoy playing the piano. Of course, hiring a new piano teacher could also give you some ideas to encourage your child to play more.
If you don’t have a piano teacher yet or need to hire someone different, consider hiring one of our tutors at Lessons In Your Home. All of our instructors are professional musicians and gifted instructors. You can be sure that our piano instructors will inspire your child to play the piano more. Our teachers can come to your home or can teach virtual music lessons too. Contact us today to learn more.

Tips to Keep Your Hesitant Child Interested in Music Lessons

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