Jam With Your Kids!

Jamming with your toddler: how music trumps reading for childhood development Liam Viney, The University of Queensland Forget the Mozart Effect and Baby Einstein, take it easy on acquisitions for your two-year-old’s private library, and don’t fret if your three-year-old hasn’t started violin lessons just yet. The key to unlocking a child’s potential intelligence and

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Improvising Music – 3 Steps To Get Better

Are you a mom or dad who is having trouble getting your son or daughter to practice? You ever hear your little musician say he or she is tired of playing the same music? Is practicing a chore? Well, I will admit that it’s difficult to always go to your instrument and have to “work” on something. While it’s very satisfying to play a song, learning a song isn’t always so entertaining.

Play Music With Other People – Music Conversation

If you’ve been taking music lessons for long enough, you’re going to want to eventually play music with other people.  Playing music with other people can be a very rewarding, beautiful experience.  Chances are, you have also heard  your fair share of musicians playing together, just observing and listening.  You may have made some observations

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Scheduling an In-Home Private Music Lesson – 3 steps twoard learning music

Since in home lessons are “our business” I though it helpful to go over a few steps to get you closer to your goal of leaning music, or helping your child learn to play an instrument. The best part about lessons in your home is the convenience but if your smart you’ll want that to

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