Scheduling an In-Home Private Music Lesson – 3 steps twoard learning music

Since in home lessons are “our business” I though it helpful to go over a few steps to get you closer to your goal of leaning music, or helping your child learn to play an instrument. The best part about lessons in your home is the convenience but if your smart you’ll want that to be the second best part. Your first step is to have a great teacher. But this article is about scheduling so lets go over it.

What day and time fits your needs?

1. Pick a day of the week that works best for you and your family. A day that you can see working for lesson for a long time. Your music teacher wont be able to move around a lot since they most likely see other music students at different times on different days. Keep in mind that rescheduling a lesson is not going to be as easy for in-home music teachers because of the traveling they do for each lesson.
2. Choose a time that has flexibility on either side of it. A little time before and after is a good decision. An awesome part of have a music lesson that comes to your home is not having to fight traffic. That being said your teacher does. We always tell our students that it’s normal for us to arrive up to 15 minutes early and run up to 15 minutes behind. This is because we fight the traffic and you never know what the highway will bring. Not to mention if your guitar teacher is really having a good jam in your lesson, they may not want to stop.
3. Think about what day and time you or your child can be most engaged in their lesson. Every family and every music student is different. When it comes to scheduling your music lessons keep that in mind. In our home my kids shut down after 6pm. However, we have friends and understand that some families don’t come alive until that time. Think about when your music student can get the most out of his lesson.
If you need help scheduling your in home lesson contact us. Your local Lessons In Your Home director will always be able to make it an easy decision.

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