Pencil stuck in my baby grand piano. You don’t have to call your piano teacher!

When it happens and you freeze with fear as you hear the call; “mom, the piano is broken”. You come over to see that a number of the keys on your piano are not working properly as your child is practicing for her piano lesson. You look, and as the notes are played on the piano something sounds wrong and it can even look like a number of keys are moving at the same time even though your only playing one note. You ask “what happened”? Then your daughter explains that she thinks a pencil fell into the piano after she used it to record her practice time in a lesson log. Don’t fret, it’s not as bad as it seams and you don’t have to call the piano teacher to cancel the lesson either.

What you do have to do is follow these steps. One, the lid that covers the keys needs to be removed. On some pianos there are screws and others the lid is just secured by resting on a pin so all you’ll need to do is pick up on the lid and set the lid aside. Two, look into the piano and you’ll see that pesky pencil. Three reach in with your hand and remove the pencil. Four, replace the lid and you are done.
Not so bad right? It can be a little scary taking off the lid but once you’ve done it you’ll feel like a pro piano technician. If you feel to uncomfortable to do it please call your piano tuner or ask your piano teacher.
I hoped this helped.
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