5 Skills You Know For Basic Piano

Basic Music Skills

When you know a little about music you know a lot. At a recent family reunion I was happy so see so many of my family members who have some basic music knowledge be able to play so much. After we had some fun music making moments I thought it would be interesting to identify what you know even if you have basic skills after having piano music lessons.

1. You Know The Beat

When you learn that a quarter note gets one beat (in common or 4/4 time), when you learn that there are 4 beats in a measure, you are learning to feel a beat. Rhythm is the most important aspect of being able to communicate in the language of music.

It Starts Early With Children

Knowing the beat is so fundamental to music that we often teach it without knowing it. Parents take their babies hands and clap them together when listening to music. In preschool we teach children to move in time with music. When you know what a beat is you have learned a valuable lesson.

2. You Know Pitch

On the first day of lessons you learn to distinguish high notes from low notes. In a very short period of time the piano student learns pitch and in being able to hear pitches know when a when to move notes up or down. Pretty neat right?  So on a basic level when someone says “I think it’s higher then that,” you know which way to go.

3. You Know Melody

When you hum, sing, or play a tune, you know what melody is. Even before you have a first lesson the youngest of students can identify over 20 melodies. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Lullaby, Happy Birthday, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc. These are all melodies and that’s important.

The Big 3 – Rhythm, Pitch, and Melody

Knowing these first 3 basic music skills are really easy and I believe that every student comes into piano lessons already knowing them. It’s then the private music teacher’s job to help a student identify what they know, supply some definitions to the skills, and fortify the skills with exercises designed to build confidence using a method of success!

4. You Know Expression

Take a simple song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You know the Rhythm, Pitch, and Melody but how you choose to play this song is the definition of expression. Are you playing it softly to make a baby fall asleep? Are you shouting it out loud? Playing a song with intent is a basic skill you have after having music lessons. It’s an advanced skill that’s also a basic one.

Play It The Best You Can

Whether you are playing at home or on a stage in front of an audience, expressing the song you play is goal of every music student. So often this skill and how easily it can be done is overlooked. When you make a choice about how to play you are doing it so pat yourself on the back.

5. You Know Music Is Fun

If you have had a  lesson you know music is fun. It’s supposed to be that way. Everyone likes music. Have fun when you play music. Have fun when you listen to music. Listen to music everyday and don’t be afraid to share what you know.
These are 5 skills you have from having private music lessons. They are yours and yours to keep. At the reunion we all played instruments together by just knowing the basics. Everyone of us had a part in making music and having fun. We choose to forget what we didn’t know and focus on what we did.
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