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When a new student is starting in home piano lessons there are a few choices to how they will be taking lessons. A student could travel to a studio to have their lessons. They could also drive to a teachers house to have their piano lessons. Or they could have Piano Teachers come to their home for Piano lessons in the home. For many families they find that having piano lessons in the home is the best option. Here are just a few reasons why having piano lessons in the home could be your best option for taking music lessons.

No More Traffic

As cities become larger more traffic develops. How many hours a day do we already spend sitting in the car in stopped or slow moving traffic? Way too many. Sitting in traffic with a full car of children is not easy and can be very stressful to make it to the lessons on time. Having piano lessons in the home takes away extra time that you and the family have to spend in the car sitting in traffic. For some families only one child will be taking lessons but the rest of the younger children have to come along with the parents to the music lessons otherwise it would require to have a baby sitter come to watch the other children while one is driven to their piano lesson.

Comfort of In Home Piano Lessons vs Studio Lessons

As a teacher when I lived in Ohio I used to work at a studio. I remember talking with a mother one day about how she had to get the family in the car to get to the lessons. Only the oldest child was taking lessons but she also had 3 children under the age of 6 that she also had to bring along with her. She told me that it would take up the entire afternoon to get everyone packed and buckled into the car, get to the lesson, and then packed and back to the home. Having piano lessons in the home eliminates hours of packing and drive time.
Having piano lessons in the home is a great option for many families because they do not have to spend the entire afternoon trying to get to a studio on time for the lesson. With the teacher coming to the students home parents can continue their usual home activities while their child is taking their lesson. With families that have multiple children taking lessons they can spend the time alternating help with homework when one child is not taking lessons while the other is.
Students also feel more comfortable having lessons in their own home. At a studio a student can feel nervous about being in a new place with so many other lessons happening during their own lesson time. Not every studio has sound proof lessons rooms and hearing other music happening during the students music lesson can be distracting. Having piano lessons in the home cuts down on the amount of distractions and helps the student to feel relaxed and focused.

Your Teacher Becomes A Member of Your Family

Over the years as a teacher that travels to homes for lessons I have been able to really get to know each and every family member. When a teacher comes to a students home that teacher gets to meet every family member and even all of their pets. There is more of a connection made by having the teacher come to the home for piano lessons. At a studio the student shows up for the lesson and leaves when it is over. There is usually a minute or two when the teacher comes to talk to the parents about the students progress and then the teacher is on to their next student.
For piano lessons in the home a teacher has the time to talk more with the parents and the parents are able to hear how the lessons is going while it is happening. I have had many times when a parent has entered the music room of the house after hearing beautiful music and saying “is that my Sarah playing so beautifully?” It is so encouraging to the student to see their parents so happy with they way that they are playing. In the studio setting the students is away from the family and the parents are not able to tell which student is playing the music that they are hearing.

Getting the Family Involved

When piano lessons in the home first start many families have only one or two children taking music lessons. Over the years as the younger children of the family grow they will also start taking lessons. This is a very comfortable environment for the younger children because they are already used to seeing and talking to their older siblings teacher. A great personal story of mine about an entire family getting involved with music lessons was with the Choens. Music lessons started off with the youngest daughter taking piano lessons in the home. The father wanted to help encourage his daughter to practice so he started taking lessons himself.
As time went on the older sister’s schedule allowed her time to also take lessons and join in on the fun that we were having during their lessons day. Shortly following the older sisters beginning to piano lessons the mother also took up lessons so that she could learn to help her children with practice throughout the week. Now all members of the Cohen family are taking lessons and it has become a very musical household. For them it is a way to encourage learning and to have something that the whole family can share together. During holidays is when it really get fun and everyone can play their favorite holiday song while the others sing along. Taking piano lessons in the home is a great way for a family to connect and spend time together.
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