Piano Lesson Flashcards

Piano Lesson Flash Cards

piano lesson flash cards
Get some if you don’t have them!

Your children come home from school and need help with vocabulary, spelling, or math homework. That’s a no brainer for most of us. But what do you do when your child needs to practice piano and you have no idea if what they’re doing is correct or not? Like all of their other academics, you want them to excel and piano might be the one area that’s totally foreign to you, so how can you help? Flashcards to the rescue!

Supplement Piano Lessons

The best way to practice piano is obviously to sit at a piano and play it, but there are a few great ways to supplement piano lessons or practice when away from home and my favorite is flash cards. Flash cards come in all shapes and sizes: note names, rhythms, musical terms and symbols. The best part about flash cards is that you as the parent can easily help your child study piano without knowing anything about music because the answer is on the back.

Lines and Spaces

Note recognition is key (hah, get it?) in learning to read the language of music. They need to first know the note name on the staff and secondly they need to be able to identify where that note is on the piano. Some note flash cards even have a picture of a piano and the appropriate key is shaded. I had a 5 year old student go from not understanding how to count lines and spaces to knowing every single note on the staff in one week with mom’s help going through flash cards I lent them. He was a totally different student from that point forward, super confident and proud that he was so good at reading the staff.
“Know the staff. Be the staff. You are the staff” It’s dramatic but so true! If you don’t know the very basics of your language, you can’t go anywhere with it. You can’t learn to skate if you can’t tie up the laces on your skates first. You will just fall over.
So, don’t let you child fall on their musical face (FACE) is the acronym for the treble clef spaces by the way). Help them study with flash cards. It’s so easy, a 5 year old can do it!

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