Be Kind To Your Parents

Piano and Voice Lesson student says “Be Kind To Your Parents”

Who wouldn’t agree with being kind to your parents right? This is a charming video of Julian, a private piano and voice student of ours preparing for the Hal Leonard Vocal Competition. Julian enjoys his lessons and his teacher says that preforming, be it on video or in person really brings out the best of him. He’s one of those people who is just good at performing.

Voice Lessons

What I like is to see how well his vocal technique is, if you’re a voice teacher, you can tell that he’s being taught correctly and that’s hard to find in younger voice students. He still sounds like a child which is important and his expression is priceless. Voice Teacher and Student together deserve a lot credit and we are proud hes competing. Good Luck Julian, maybe we can see a video of you playing piano soon!

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