Opportunities for Violinists to Grow

Violin students have the opportunity to excel in different ways. Yes, going to lessons each week and diligently practicing are key for musical improvement, but more variety in the learning process also helps with the development of an exceptional player. As a teacher giving violin lessons in Atlanta, I encourage my students to have music become a part of their lives and find personal joy in how they express themselves and connect with the world through art. This mission can be done in a number of ways that I enjoy sharing. Not every point I will share is a requirement but has significantly helped my growth as a violinist.

Attend Concerts

Whether at a rock, classical, jazz, or pop concert, students can find inspiration for practice while sharpening their listening skills. Playing the violin is more than just using fingers. The heart and mind are involved in making the music happen as violinists think through the details of technique and react to the notes of the piece or song. Taking a break and listening to other performers allows students’ minds and hearts at work while the fingers rest. I remember finding the thrill, excitement, sweetness, sadness, and all other emotions that drew me to certain sounds when I attended concerts and even listening to music on that radio or online exposed me to musical elements I enjoyed and wanted to incorporate into my own practice. I also love when my students do the same after seeing a violinist perform. They would ask in their lessons, “how do I move my fingers faster?” and “what can I do to make my sound sweeter?” Even though we have been working on the very thing they ask for, their ears have become keener to the desired goal for their music-making.

Join An Orchestra Or Chamber Group

When students play with others, they are presented with new and healthy challenges of learning new music, playing to match others instead of themselves, and following a conductor or coach. Similar to private lessons, students have music to practice, but are surrounded by other young musicians to learn and grow with them. If a student’s school does not offer an orchestra or chamber program, local youth orchestras or music programs are worthy options.

Attend A Summer Music Camp

Every summer, I looked forward to attending a summer music program where I took private violin lessons, played in masterclasses, performed in symphony concerts, and bonded with new friends in chamber groups for a span of three to seven weeks. Being surrounded by other young people from different parts of the world who shared a common love for music and arts encouraged me to not only work hard but observe more ways I can effectively practice. The summer music opportunity is definitely life-changing.

Perform More Often

The word “performance” alone might cause my students to shudder in nervousness, but when they perform more often, they have a better idea of how to practice. Not every performance has to be in front of a crowd, but students can call their parents and play through the entire piece they are working on or play at other venues like schools, churches, and retirement centers. More than half the time, the audience has no clue about the music performed and students have the freedom to put all their practice to the test. More performances also give goals for students to work toward and build confidence in their playing.

Where Growth Begins

Growth begins when a seed is planted, and Lessons in Your Home helps plant that seed for its students. Whether you’re looking for best practices for starting violin lessons or you are an experienced violinist, our resourceful violin instructors can help foster a good learning environment right at home that is accessible for everyone.
Contact us today to find out more about our teachers. They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child.
– Danya Wilson

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