Myths About Kids and Drum Lessons

Myths About Kids and Drum LessonsHow did drumming catch your child’s eye? Maybe they always enjoyed banging on pots and pans when they were old enough to start crawling. Or perhaps you took your child to a high school or college football game, and your kid was fascinated with the marching band, particularly with the drums. Or it could be that when you’ve asked your son or daughter about music lessons, they’re only interested in the drums because it’s the “coolest” instrument. While searching for “drum lessons near me” online, you’ve probably wondered what the best age is to start drum lessons. How do you know when they’re truly ready to start? Let’s debunk several myths associated with drumming ages that many have heard when pursuing drum lessons.

Myth 1: There’s a specific age to start drumming.

There is no “one age suits all” when it comes to drumming. But if you took a poll among drum teachers, a majority would give an age range of nine to twelve years old. Here’s why. Discipline is required to learn to play the drums from an instructor. Your child will need to listen to their instructor, practice self-control when it comes to banging on the drums, and learn a lot of information. During drumming lessons, your child will be learning the basics of drumming and reading basic drum notation. You can help your child get an idea about the basics of drumming before lessons. Drumming also depends on the development of your child’s motor skills and functions. If your son or daughter has well-developed motor skills before the age of nine, you don’t have to wait to start them with lessons.

Myth 2: My child can’t learn drums if he or she is under seven years old.

Music prodigies can quickly debunk this myth. We’ve seen plenty of them on YouTube. You can search for some now if you want to. If your child isn’t one of these drumming prodigies, which is completely fine, you can still expose your child to drumming before actually signing them up for lessons. If your child is passionate about music, there’s no need to stop them from learning. One of the things parents can do to prepare their children for success is to have them practice drumming apps on your phone or tablet. You might look into getting them some drumming practice pads or an electronic drum set. Or, you may even buy them a drum set for them to practice with at home. Check out this blog when you’ve bought your child their drum set and need some help with setting it up.

Myth 3: A drum teacher won’t be able to communicate with my child.

This is often a concern for parents of children younger than nine and want to start practicing before they reach “optimal drumming age.” The good news is that this myth can easily be debunked with the right drum instructor. If you’ve tried drum teachers before for your youngster and it didn’t go well, the problem was most likely with your teacher. You should find a teacher who can make learning fun and exciting while still teaching your child valuable lessons. Drum teachers know that using colored notation systems has proven effective with children younger than nine years old. And the earlier your child can learn drum set notation, the better drum player they will become.

Precautions for young drummers

There are a few safety concerns for young drummers, whether your son or daughter is trying out the drums before they are six or if they’re over the age of twelve. Make sure their ears are protected! Unlike piano players and guitar players, drummers are playing with big sound at high decibels. Constant exposure to loud sounds can damage their hearing quickly. You can do a few things to protect your child’s hearing, like making your child wear earplugs every time they practice or have them wear drum isolation headphones.

Ready to start drumming?

After reading this blog and having some drumming-age myths dispelled, you may be thinking that now is the best time for your child to start drum lessons. Your next step is to find a teacher who will match your child’s passion. When you’re ready to sign up for drum lessons, let us know! Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. Contact us today to learn more.

Myths About Kids and Drum Lessons

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