Introducing Guitar Club

We are looking forward to starting something really exciting at Lessons In Your Home Miami.  We are introducing a guitar club as part of our school program, Music In Your School!  This new class will be in a group setting and is geared towards getting students to learn together and have fun by playing songs together.  This class will be taught by one of our very talented and experienced teachers, Michael Hart.

Guitar Club
Guitar Club

Two Types of Learning

One great part of this guitar club program is that we will be supplying a detailed lesson plan with worksheets and illustrations that students will be able to take back and forth to class.  The program will include various chord sheets, lead sheets of songs, and guitar vocabulary sheets.  In this way, students will have an easy reference to what they are learning and will learn.  We will be able to teach those visual learners as effectively as the auditory learners.

Guitar Chords

Students will be introduced to various guitar chords in the program.  The great thing about guitar chords is, there are many different ways to play one chord!  The beginner students who have never played guitar before will work on the easiest variations of the chords.  For students who have taken the class before or who have studied privately on their own, more advanced variations of those same chords will be taught.  Every student will be able to learn something new while playing the same song as the rest of the class!

Guitar Club Vocabulary

Vocabulary will also be taught as part of the guitar club.  Students will learn the different parts of the guitar such as the neck, bridge, strings, frets, and more!  Not only will they learn vocabulary specific to the guitar, they will also learn how to communicate in basic song structure language.  Students will learn words such as verse, chorus, measure, intro and outro.  We aim to have our students speaking the universal language of music.

It’s All About The Songs

More important than anything else, we want to get the students playing music.  That’s why as part of the guitar club curriculum, students will be learning how to play new songs each session.  These songs may include songs that they already know such as “Happy Birthday” and “ABC”.  The teacher will conduct the class as all of the students play the song at the same time.  This is a great introduction on how to play music with others.  As we musicians who have been studying for a long time know, playing well with others is a very essential skill in being a well-rounded musician.

Developing Guitar Skills

This course is designed to be a fun introduction to music skills while developing the skills of students already acquainted with the instrument.  We are very excited about starting this program and will be posting updates as the course progresses!

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