Intermediate Guitar Lessons – Learn What You Want

Playing something cool

Learning to play a Beetles song can be one of those goals you set, and aren’t sure how long it’s going to take to accomplish it. In intermediate guitar lessons, my son was able to learn and perform “Something About the Way” for his recital. My son is not an advanced player, and he has gotten past the beginning stages, now at intermediate guitar, there are some really fun songs he can learn.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?
Another great song that you might learn while in intermediate guitar lessons is “Pinball Wizard,” a really fun song that uses great chords like F#m7, or Bsus. As you take lessons, you move beyond the beginning stages of playing, where you are still getting fingers used to playing, to the point where you are free to make so many different songs using the chords you’ve been taught.
Playing what you want
If you like gospel or praise and worship music, getting to an intermediate level of guitar will put you on track to be playing with the band or group you want to play along with. Reading chord charts becomes second nature. As you learn the sting names and how to build a scale, you can take off in your playing.
As you hit the intermediate level of guitar lessons, you start to go deeper into theory. The circle of fifths might be something you become familiar with. As well as the difference between a major and minor chord.

Mixing guitar and singing

Do you ever dream of accompanying yourself while you sing? Some popular tunes, like Norah Jones’ “Come Away with Me” are songs you can easily learn in intermediate guitar and start to play for yourself. You may not get every riff or exact run that the artist did, but you can definitely get to a point where you can be proud of the song and the music you are making.

Maybe you want to accompany someone else?

Taking intermediate guitar lessons is a great way to work with that vocalist and start your own coffee house style duets. Sugarland is a great example of a guitarist and a vocalist and the outstanding music that can be made with the two. “Stay” is one of those powerful songs that expresses so much with just a guitar and a singer.
You can start to learn those songs, and so many more. Sticking with lessons after the beginning stages is what’s so important. As you start guitar, it takes time to get the basics under your belt. Getting your fingers calloused, alone, can take some time. But, after you pass that point and move on to intermediate guitar lessons, there is so much more you can do.  Do you aspire to the level of Keith Urban or Eddie Van Halen? These are just two of the guitarist that come to my mind. Funny thing is there are probably 10 different names that come to your mind as soon as I say great guitarist.
The guitar is one of those instruments that has so much versatility and such a following that you can’t hardly go wrong sticking with it through the beginning stages until you get to the intermediate guitar lesson. You then know that the advanced levels are just around the corner for you!

Pick your genre

What is your favorite genre of music? Nine times out 10 there is probably a guitar involved somewhere in that genre. Christopher Parkening made his mark in a much more classical style of guitar. Fernando Ortega brought his own unique style as well. As you move from beginner to intermediate level guitar lessons, you can start to pick your style and add your own mark to what your music will sound like and the songs and styles thatbest suit you and help you to express the feelings, thoughts and everything else that goes along with the great outlet of MUSIC! Play on!!

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