How to Find and Choose a Guitar Teacher

The guitar, which has been around in one form or another for centuries, has been surging in popularity in recent decades as a favorite first musical instrument to learn. Whether you attribute the guitar’s growth in appeal to Elvis Presley or Andres Segovia, Doc Watson or Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Django Reinhardt, Taylor Swift or Stevie Ray Vaughan — the exalted status of the guitar in popular culture is undeniable. If you or your child is considering guitar lessons, this article will suggest some factors to consider in finding a suitable guitar teacher and offer suggestions as to how to find and check out guitar teachers.

Factors to consider in choosing a guitar teacher


Suppose you’re looking for a teacher in or around Denver, Colorado (as the Director of Lessons In Your Home Denver, I know a thing or two about the area). Ask yourself a few questions.
Will they teach lessons in Centennial or Castle Rock?
Are you located in downtown Denver and looking for a teacher to come to your loft or house?
If you’re in Highlands Ranch, will they come to your home, or will you have to make a trek to Boulder?
While the guitar travels very easily, not all guitar instructors can or are willing to. So if you’re looking for lessons in your own home (which, it almost goes without saying, we think is the best place to take lessons), such questions are pretty important to ask.

Which guitar styles do you want to learn?

Are you interested in classical guitar? A classical guitar teacher might have a different approach than a rock and roll guitar teacher. It’s true that many teachers can teach both styles. But if you have something very specific in mind, it will serve you well to do the research to find out which style or styles your guitar teacher really favors.

Try Before You Buy: How to check out guitar instructors

Live Performances

If you were interested in euphonium lessons, there aren’t an awful lot of opportunities to catch local instructors playing out in local venues.
But you’re interested in guitar!
Many guitar teachers perform in and around Denver. Sometimes they come to places like Littleton or Centennial or an out-of-the way place in Lakewood.
Most churches you go into will have someone on stage playing the guitar. It’s a great place to check out the talent.
If you are a parent of an aspiring guitarist, take him or her to a local “Battle of the Bands” competition. Or look for child-friendly performances at local music venues. Not only will you be exposing your child to a fun musical night out while you check out local talent, but you’ll be supporting musical artists in Denver and surrounding areas.

Internet Videos

A fantastic way to check out guitar teachers is to watch their self-published videos.
With the explosion of YouTube and the affordable availability of high-quality Webcams, it’s easier than ever for musicians to record and publish videos of musical performances and lessons. And they are doing exactly that, more and more every day.
Search YouTube for the style of guitar you’re interested in. Or, supposing you’re interested in playing in the bluegrass style, you could enter a specific search such as “how to play will the circle be unbroken”.
PS: While we’re on the subject of YouTube, why not check out Lesson In Your Home’s YouTube Channel!

The right teacher makes such a difference.

Any of us who have children learning any kind of instrument — guitar included — know that young students sometimes lose motivation. It’s only natural. It’s part of the musical journey.
You can help your child stay focused and motivated by offering encouragement through the various learning stages. But there’s no substitute for a guitar teacher who is excited about the instrument and who passes that excitement along to his or her students.
Do your due diligence, and find that perfect match. And get picking and strumming!

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  1. I agree that you need to consider the style of guitar before you choose a teacher. It would make sense to hire someone who will teach you in a style that you like. My son has expressed interest in playing guitar, so I’ll have to find a teacher that will teach him in the style he wants.

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