What Piano Lessons In Your Home Can Do For You

If you’re not already taking piano lessons, there’s a good chance you have thought about it. After all, piano music is all around us. You probably have friends and family members who play piano. Maybe you have considered the pros and the cons and weighed out the benefits. Let me tell you about some benefits that you may or may not have considered when thinking about piano lessons in your home.

Be a hero at your holiday party!

Holidays are a great time to be a pianist. If you’re at a party and there’s a piano in the room, you now have the opportunity to make everyone’s night more enjoyable by playing those holiday songs everyone knows so well. You have the power to turn a boring party into a lively holiday sing-along! You’ll definitely be happy you decided on piano lessons in your home at that point.

Play Piano In A Band

Maybe being a solo act isn’t exactly your thing. One of the best aspects of music is being able to play with others and communicate on a musical level. As a music fan and a music lover, there’s nothing I love more in the world than going to see a band I love playing their music live. As a musician, my favorite part of playing is getting to play in a band for other people. Maybe you’re interested in rock music, or jazz, or funk, or reggae. Whatever kind of music you are interested in, there are like-minded musicians out there who would love to create something with you. Create what you love!

Piano Players Have Lots of Job Opportunities

Ok, so maybe you’re a practical person and don’t want to bank on the fact that you’ll be a rock star someday. Maybe you want to make a reasonable living out of being a musician. You certainly don’t have to, first of all. Playing music can always be a part of your life, simply for the fun of it! However, if you do wish to use your talents to earn an income, there are some opportunities out there for you.

Teach Piano

Teaching is a great way to earn a living as a musician. From your experience with piano lessons in your home, you should be able to remember what it was like to learn yourself and use this experience and compassion in order to teach another person the joys of music. You do not just have to teach private lessons either. There are positions for piano teachers to be found in public and private schools, from elementary school all the way up to the college level. If you have truly enjoyed your experience learning the piano, it feels amazing to be able to share this same experience with others.

Become an Accompanist

This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash while increasing your own playing, listening, and reading skills. An accompanist provides the foundational music for a soloist or a small group of musicians at a performance, audition, or anywhere where extra music is needed. Accompanists are most commonly pianists, so this is another opportunity for pianists. Simply being an accompanist helps the player develop greater reading and listening skills. Pretty much any opportunity to play is a learning experience that should be taken!

Play Piano For Your Own Enjoyment

This is perhaps the most important reason to start piano lessons in your home.
You certainly don’t have to become a rock star or teacher — or even play in front of anyone if you don’t want to. You are allowed simply to play the piano because you enjoy it — nothing else! It’s very fulfilling to watch yourself grow as a musician and be able to play pieces you never thought you could. Enjoy the journey, and enjoy every minute of your musical growth. Loving what you do is simply priceless.

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