How To Find An In Home Music Lesson Teacher – 3 Steps To Starting Music Lessons

So you know you are looking for in-home music lessons and need to find a teacher. Where should you turn and how do you know who to choose? I believe deciding is pretty tough. After all most of us aren’t musicians and even if we are do we know what makes a great teacher? The most important aspect of private lessons is the relationship between the teacher and the student. If this isn’t right, the lessons never seem to go the way we want them to. Will you find a music teacher that is right for you?Here are 3 steps to finding an In Home Private Music Teacher:

6 Reasons Why Parents Should Support Violin LessonsStep 1 – Listen to how the potential music teacher is talking about private lessons. Do they sound like they want to know more about you or your student or are they only interested in telling you what you have to do to work with them. I believe your looking for someone who wants to know about the students interest and attitude. After all, if you’re teacher doesn’t want to know about you how will they give you their best lessons. Also, if you don’t like what you are hearing on the phone you most likely will not like what you hear in person. Communication is a big part of learning. I know some amazing musicians who don’t communicate well. That can present issues for a younger student.
Step 2 – Make sure the teachers schedule can work with your schedule. Part of the reason you want in home lessons is for convenience. You should know the days and times that work best for you, don’t accept what doesn’t. A teacher can often times tell you what their schedule is and that’s great, but if what they have isn’t what you need then even if they are the greatest teacher in the world, your private music lessons aren’t going to  go well.
Step 3 – Ask questions. Here are some great questions to ask a potential teacher. If your listening to how they answer the questions you’ll be accomplishing step 1:). Will there be a recital? How much practice is required to be successful? Are your lessons fun? How long have you taught lessons? Can we reschedule a lesson? How and when do we pay for lessons? What is your attitude toward a student who doesn’t practice enough? The only wrong question is the one you don’t ask so don’t be afraid to add your own.
Using these 3 steps you can gain a little more insight into what kind of a music teacher you will have. What’s interesting is that when you call a school like ours you usually won’t be speaking with the teacher who might teach you. A music school’s goal is to take the steps out of the equation for you. At our school, Lessons In Your Home, we only bring on the staff that meets our expectations in private piano lessons. Sometime we hear “you are a school”? from our potential students and parents. We are, we are a music school without walls.
The road to finding an independent teacher is a little tricky but not impossible. Piano teachers are traditionally easier to find on your own. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, don’t be tempted to use the teenager down the street. I think it’s great that they might be offering their skills but the skill of teaching and understanding a student is usually acquired by growing up and being an adult, not to mention an extended education in ones instrument. Teachers who teach band and orchestra instruments are readily at a band or orchestra’s teachers disposal.
Good luck and if you don’t want the hassle to find a teacher yourself, contact us know and we’d be happy to offer you in home private music lessons.

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