Leave it on a good note – dancing to make a music lesson feel good!

Probably the most important motivator of all is teacher interactions with the student. No matter what happened in the private guitar lesson, whether it was flawless, or if the student was really frustrated with themselves and got upset, we must ALWAYS leave it on a good note. Even in the most challenging lessons, leaving music students with a positive memory of the lesson has a huge impact. The most obvious way to leave it on a good note for a student who practiced is to have the sticker chart at the very end. Even if they had a hard time with the new concept of that week, they are left with a feeling of excitement. For a student who didn’t practice, and even the ones that did, my favorite end-of-lesson phrase is “ok, now dance me to the door!”. I highly recommend that for younger students who love to dance because both teacher and especially the student leave the lesson laughing and happy and it relieves any stress or difficulty that could have come up in the lesson. I heard someone say once that it’s impossible to frown while you’re dancing, and my students prove that to be true!

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