How Exactly Do Online Piano Lessons Work?

How Exactly Do Online Piano Lessons WorkIt may be 2021, but we’re still in a pandemic. You may live somewhere that determines how cautious you need to be with your regular activities. Or you may have to be cautious for your family. No doubt this careful living has completely changed how we go about our usual routines and the way we pursue our livelihoods. It has affected our jobs, our schools, and our hobbies. Especially our children and especially music lessons. Thankfully, many music teachers have adapted their teaching methods to provide online music lessons so your kids (or even you) can still pursue the joy of learning music. You’re excited to sign them up for lessons, but you’ve probably wondered what exactly online piano lessons look like and how do they work?

 What to expect from online piano lessons

Some people mistakenly believe that doing piano lessons online is the same as taking a video course on learning, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The most significant difference between hiring an online piano teacher and taking a video course is having a live, personal learning experience. Online piano lessons provide personal, face to face (virtually) time with a professional who can give you direction, correction, and encouragement in your playing. They can spot your mistakes when you play, even over the internet. That’s something a prerecorded video course can’t offer you.
Video courses may be helpful for those who know how to play. But for beginners, it’s imperative to have a teacher instruct you how to play to help you form correct posture with your back, hands, and fingers, along with other proper playing habits. By choosing a video course to learn from, you can form incorrect playing habits for yourself, which can be damaging in the long run. Check out our blog here to learn about some helpful tips when learning to play the piano.
During an online piano lesson, you will want to be sure to have your device turned on and your meeting platform open, so you’re ready for your lesson. Most likely, your instructor will have you set up your device with a camera in a position so they can see your hand and finger posture while you play. During your lesson, your teacher will demonstrate how to play correctly and allow you time to reflect on what they’re doing. Keep in mind that every piano instructor is different in their methods. After getting to know you or your child and their learning abilities, they will tailor their lessons to appropriately accommodate you or your child.

What you need for online piano lessons

You may be curious about what things you need to do to have your child be successful with piano lessons. It’s relatively simple:

A piano.

It can be a keyboard or an upright piano. As long as you can play it with your fingers, you will be ready for lessons. Ideally, if you have a piano, make sure it’s in tune.

A computer with a camera, smartphone, or laptop.

This is the only place that can be a burden for some people, as not everyone has access to fast internet connections or a device that has both a camera and the internet. However, to do online piano lessons well, it’s vital to have a device that can livestream you while you play and connect you to your piano instructor. If you have these items, though (even a smartphone or a tablet will do), you’re ready for online lessons.

A teacher.

Last but not least, you need to find a teacher. The best piano teacher is someone who makes music exciting to learn about and is also a gifted player. Click here to learn about other traits to look for when searching for an online piano instructor.

Ready to get started?

Online music lessons have so many benefits to offer. Of course, not everyone learns easily over the computer screen, so you will want to keep your child’s learning abilities in mind. Searching for the right teacher can be overwhelming, too. And choosing an online music teacher can broaden the search so much! You can make it easier on yourself, though.
At Lessons In Your Home, we’ve made it easy for you to search for a music teacher whether you want them to teach online or to come to your house to teach. Our instructors are thoroughly vetted, professional, and passionate about sharing their love of music. They are ready to get started with virtual music lessons with your child at your convenience. Contact us today to find an instructor near you.

How Exactly Do Online Piano Lessons Work

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