Here Are 3 Reasons Why Singing Is Healthy for Your Kids

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Singing Is Healthy for Your KidsYou love hearing your little one sing, even if they aren’t so little anymore. The potential you hear in your child’s voice excites you so much that you started looking up voice lessons for kids in your area. But you may have a few reservations. Like, is getting your child a vocal coach really worth it?
Your child may not be guaranteed a leading role on Broadway, and they may never sign a record deal, but there are many wonderful benefits your child will reap if you encourage them with their singing, like improving their health. Who knew that sing-a-longs are very helpful for your child’s brain development? It may seem shocking, but it’s true! Here are three reasons why singing is healthy for your kids.

Three reasons why singing is healthy for your kid

1. Improves memory

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Of course, you have! The most annoying ones are from the commercials you see on tv or the radio. They always seem to be the ones you remember the most. Singing is known to improve memory as it has a way of getting into our brain and staying long-term. In early childhood classes like daycare, pre-school, and kindergarten, many school and private voice teachers prepare songs to help children learn concepts before recognizing them, like ABCs and days of the week. Music plays an influential role in brain development for children.
By learning to sing the alphabet, children commit their ABCs to memory before recognizing each letter on their own. Songs also help children who are learning a second language. Singing songs that offer correct pronunciation of words will help children remember these words as they get older, and likely for their lives. This concept is true for using music to remember any concept, whether it’s related to math or everyday activities. Children are much more likely to retain learning a new skill if instructions are set to songs that they can sing.

2. Builds social skills

Singing is enjoyable when you’re alone, but it’s more fun to sing with other people. By learning to sing with others, your child learns social skills. Singing in a group builds on a child’s understanding of community and the capability a group has by working together. Singing with other children helps your child learn by listening to words, waiting for correct timing, and following a teacher’s tune and directions. And while we all love a good solo, there’s something extraordinary in hearing a full choir sing one song in different parts.

3. Improves overall health

It may seem surprising, but singing improves our overall health. This is an incredible benefit to children who enjoy singing. Singing helps to reduce stress as those who practice singing learn proper breathing. Studies have found that people who sing and have taken voice lessons have slower resting heartbeats than those who don’t sing. And those who have learned singing with a vocal coach have a greater lung capacity because they learn proper breathing techniques.
Along with reducing stress, singing also is calming for children. Singing a song demands mental concentration to recall words and the tune they are set to. Children who experience tantrums or are easily upset can drastically change their moods by using a favorite song to comfort them and change their attitude.
Singing is also impactful for children as it teaches them to be aware of their bodies. We see this with hand gestures to songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands),” learning songs with sign language or even learning to sing “Do Re Mi” with hand gestures. Children who also practice singing with a vocal coach become more aware of their posture and their breathing.

Encouraging your child to keep singing

Isn’t it amazing to consider the ways singing can impact your child’s development? You can cast aside any hesitations about getting voice lessons to help your child improve as they will be sure to reap the benefits for years to come. Who knows? Your child may be the next Broadway star? If you’re committed to encouraging your child’s singing voice, you want to find a vocal teacher who is just as committed.
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Here Are 3 Reasons Why Singing Is Healthy for Your Kids

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