Guitar Teachers, 5 Reasons Why To Take Guitar Lessons

One of our most popular instruments that we teach with Lessons in Your Home in Seattle is the guitar. Seattle has always been know as a place where great music starts and happens. The most common instrument in a band is the guitar so it’s no wonder that everyone wants to learn how to play it. We have some really great guitar teachers that are ready to help you and your student learn how to play and enjoy the guitar.
Here are 5 reasons why its a great idea to work with one of our guitar teachers to help you or your student learn to play, jam, and enjoy the guitar.

1. Learn how to properly play the guitar.

Our guitar teachers will be able to show you or your student proper technique while playing the guitar. You will learn how to sit, hold, strum, and position the hands in the correct way while playing the guitar to make for the most comfortable playing of the guitar.

2. Learn how to read guitar music

The guitar has three different ways of reading music. There is classic staff notation which uses the grand staff, rhythm, and symbols that is common for every instrument. There is also chord charts, which are the simplification of the chords used to play any song.  And last there is tablature which shows the student exactly what note to play on a certain string. Your guitar teacher will be able to show you and your student how to read all three ways of music for playing the guitar.

3. Become introduced to new music

There is so much music out in the world that can be played on the guitar. Your guitar teacher will be able to introduce you and your student to new and exciting music that otherwise you may have never heard. Whether it’s a classical piece of music from the 1700’s or the newest song  by a new and upcoming band, your guitar teacher will help to broaden your appreciatation of music that can be played on the guitar.

4. Learn popular and current music

A great way for a student to connect with music is to play a song that they enjoy listening to. Your guitar teacher will help you or your student learn to play their favorite songs from either a TV show, a movie, or a band that they enjoy listening to. Many students get very excited to learn a song that they love to listen to on their Ipods or pandora stations.

5. Learn how to fix and repair the guitar

Everyone who learns to play the guitar will learn how to fix and repair their guitar. Simple repairs need to happen on a regular basis for guitar players. Your guitar teacher will help you or your student learn how to tune, replace a broken string, restring, and clean and care for their guitars.
Are you ready for your guitar lessons to get started?
Lessons in Your Home is designed around doing everything in your home. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

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