What You Need To Know Before Starting Guitar Lessons

shutterstock_2280381613Guitar is a really popular instrument for people of all ages. More people seem to want to play guitar than anything else. It can be a really fun instrument to play because of all the possibilities and because after several months of basic guitar lessons and lots of practice, students can begin to try playing music they hear on the radio, which is probably a big reason why they were inspired to learn guitar in the first place!

Is my child too young to play guitar?

Guitar is a great instrument for almost everyone, but sometimes smaller hands and weaker fingers have a hard time and may get discouraged quickly if they start too soon. A great introduction to guitar is ukulele. It has fewer strings and they are nylon which are easier on the finger tips. Starting on a ukulele can help students learn left hand technique, easy chords, and simple strum patterns without them getting frustrated with discomfort and challenging chords.

Am I too old to start?

It’s never too late to start playing an instrument! Many adults go their whole lives wishing they could play an instrument and I think it’s admirable when one picks up the phone and begins the process. Guitar lessons in the home are a fun hobby for an adult and it’s especially exciting to start successfully playing music you love. Basic guitar lessons for an adult can look a little bit different than for a child. Adults usually go into lessons with a specific goal in mind and if they do, the guitar teacher will likely tailor the lessons specifically to help them meet that goal. If the student doesn’t have a goal in mind, basic guitar lessons will cover all the important topics and techniques and can get them prepared to eventually choose a direction, like preferred music or genres.

What kind of guitar should I buy?

When deciding which guitar you want to buy, a few things should be considered. The type of music you want to play can play a part. If you specifically want to play hard rock or metal or if you want to play with effects and distortions, electric is a good choice. If you want to play more pop or folk types of music, acoustic is good option. If you just want basic guitar lessons, many guitar teachers recommend starting out on acoustic guitar. While electric guitar is considered easier than acoustic, it’s a good place to start when taking basic guitar lessons.

The Basics

Every student, whether child or adult, should start with the basics! It’s important to have a good foundation left & right hand shape and technique, scales, music reading, theory, and chords before attempting specific songs. Once you have a grasp on the basics, you can start learning more advanced techniques including simple and complex strum patterns, finger picking, and pick techniques. Most important is that each student start with the basics so that when they get to the point where they can experiment and try fun music, they have solid technique. That’s the goal!
How soon will I be able to play something?
If you are taking basic guitar lessons, you are probably wondering when you will be able to play “Stairway to Heaven” or the new Jason Mraz song, or if you’re 10, maybe you want to play some Taylor Swift. If you take lessons with a great teacher, build a good foundation, and practice regularly, you can improve at your own pace. If you want your pace to be
faster, pay attention to your teacher, ask him/her questions and practice more!
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